How do you read the Quran in English rather than Arabic?

There are many free English translations of the Quran available online, including the versions available on the Clear Quran website and In addition to English translations, many of these websites feature side-by-side comparisons of the English and Arabic versions of the text.

The Quran is notoriously difficult to translate, mainly due to the fact that one Arabic word often takes on several meanings depending on context. Many scholars also consider English translations of the Quran as flawed because the translators focus on the message of the text rather than its linguistic idioms and rhetorical structure. These scholars argue that the textual elements of the Quran in Arabic work in harmony with its spiritual teachings to achieve an effect lost in any translation to a foreign language.

Despite these difficulties, English translations of the Quran are widely available in a number of formats. In addition to free online translations, Quran apps and bound paper copies are available, many of which attempt to give the reader some context for the translation. While many of these copies tend to use archaic language, such as using the word “thou” instead of “you,” English versions of the Quran using modern language are also available.

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