What are some of the Surahs in the Arabic Quran?

Among the Surahs in the Quran are Al-Fatihah, meaning “the opening;” Al-Baqarah, meaning “the cow;” and An-Nisa’, meaning “the woman.” Other Surahs include those named for individuals carrying significance to the Muslim religion such as Yunus, Arabic for Jonas; Yusuf, Arabic for Joseph; and Ibrahim, Arabic for Abraham.

Those who arranged the Quran divided the book into 114 Surahs, each of which vary greatly in length. In English, the term “Surah” translates roughly to chapter, although some argue that there is no proper English translation due to the fact that a Surah is not only a chapter but a step in a gradual unveiling of the truth from God to the prophet Muhammad.

Source: wikipedia


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