Strangers but husband and wife

In this type of marriage Men and women live together only because of their sexual needs and momentary feeling.
The family of one of the great institutions of society and the health of this small unit ensures the health of a major part of population. The foundation of family is based on marriage; that’s why the family and marriage in Islam have a special place. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) has been considered the marriage as the complementary factor of the faith and in this regard he states: “Who is married, has maintained half of his faith.” He also considers family as the means of society stability, and he says: “if someone came to you to propose marry your daughter and you like his morality and religion, let your daughter marry him, and if you do not, you will be cause of a great corruption.” Because of some problems, marriage nature is changing and these changes cause degeneration of family that this means the destruction of faith and morals of society.

White wedding is a term that has recently entered the social lexicon. White marriage is a phenomenon in which boys and girls live together as housemate so that no formal link of marriage has been made between them. This type of marriage which is common in the West lacks social, religious and legal legitimacy. Of course reasons can be cited for the tendency of young people to this type of marriage such as the lack of accountability of youth, economic difficulties, increasing freedom of youth, fear of divorce and separation, to escape from the Family Protection Act, following the Western media, and the most factor which is weakening of faith and religious affairs among youth being faded. (Of course, a lack of attention from authorities to the provision of facilities such as housing and employment for youth has been effective in the development of this type of relationship.) In this type of marriage, women are more suffering from domestic violence and due to lack of legal registration, are even denied from the complaint and pursue their rights. The failure and collapse rate of this type of relationship is much more than the legal and religious marriage. In this type of marriage there is no family formation, but a man and woman live together only to meet their sexual needs and based on the momentary feelings. Then, after the feelings’ and instincts’ subside, the couple easily divorce and none of them accepts any responsibility about each other. In this type of relationship abortion occurs easily, because neither side is willing to accept a child who has no legitimacy. However, if they avoid abortion, man can easily deny his child and in this case the woman has to take charge of illegal child despite the difficulties and problems. In general it can be said that damages that these types of relationships leave on women are very harder than the ones on men. In these types of relationships, most of the women suffer from domestic violence and due to the lack of legal registration of marriage; they are even denied from the complaint and pursue their rights. Failure and collapse of this type of relationship is much more than the legal and religious marriage and women are more affected by the collapse of it. It is important to mention here that the objective of family formation is not just to satisfy the sexual needs and sex; the family also has other functions – that cannot be easily ignored – such as meet the emotional and spiritual needs, having healthy and joyful children, emotional and physical security and a safe haven for anyone who needs it at hard moments and so on. Do you think that these items can be found for a man and woman who live together in the white marriage? Most people who do this kind of marriage so not know anything about family functions and care only to satisfy their instincts. This type of relationship, in addition to its negative impact on the parties, also affects other families. As existence of a rotten apple can spoil all the apples in a box, corruption of a part of the community can bring other people into corruption. The existence of women and men without commitment to the principles of family and religious issues may undermine the foundations of other families. Among the strategies to deal with this sinister phenomenon can be represented as facilitating conditions for marriage, community awareness, and improving the commitment of most youth to religious values, as well as decisive Justice and legal encounter to promoters of this type of marriage and those who engage in it. But as always, our motto is that having the right training methods, strong family system and intimate relationships with each other are the best ways to deal with the damage that threatens youth and families. When a child sees love and affection between his/her parents and adheres to the basic principles of moral and religious will never suffer from such damages.

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