Quran Prize and Islamic Values

Kuwait’s Grand Prize for the Recitation and Memorization of the holy Quran has become a permanent fixture in the country, which aims at enhancing moderate Islamic values and promoting equal treatment in the society, Minister of Justice and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Shareeda Al- Muosherji said Sunday. This remark was made at a press conference at the Ministry’s headquarters to announce the winners of the 17th edition of the Prize. ”The aim of the Prize is to teach the newer generations the true meanings of the verses of the holy Quran that call for moderation in all human practices,” the minister said.

He added that the Prize also aims at strengthening Islamic values in the society and encouraging the country’s public and private institutions to create a new generation that memorizes the Quran in order to represent the country in international venues. On his part, Head of Al- Awqaf General Secretariat Dr. Abdulmohsin Al-Jarrallah Al- Kharafi said that this year’s prize has seen the participation of 33 government and private institutes; moreover, the number of participants amounted to 2,640 out of whom 1,761 have reached the finals.

The number of winners this year has reached 154; 71 were men, 72 were women and 11 were those of special needs, Al- Kharafi announced. He continued as saying that the general excellency prize went to the Ministry of Awqaf that saw 70 winners under its umbrella. A golden trophy was given to Outstanding Persons Charitable Organization for the Service of Quran and Sharia Sciences and its 15 winners, a silver trophy went to Bayader Al-Salam Women Association which participated with 12 winners and a bronze trophy was seized by Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage that presented 11 winners.

Source: kuna.net.kw

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