How Muslims benefit using tajweed while reciting Quran

Tajweed refers to the proper pronunciations whenever a Muslim recites the Holy Quran which is derived from the Arabic language. Being a set of principles, they inform people on how they should read the Quran. To gain insight of tajweed, an individual should be willing to have knowledge of its principles. The 8 principles governing tajweed are as follows;

The fruit principle-This principle prevents an individual from making small mistakes in pronunciation while he or she recites the Quran because so many people make this error.

Precedence principle-This rule relates to the words of Allah in the Quran and because of this, this principle is the most important of all the others. Muslims should try their very best to comprehend Allah’s word when they read the Quran.

Formation principle-It includes all the Hadiths as well as all the words that are mentioned in the Holy Quran and all Muslims should learn from their teachings.

Founder principle-the messenger of Allah is the founder practically viewing because Muslims know that the holy Quran was given to him by Allah which had the tajweed also. Muhammad (saw) was given instructions about the Quran by Jibreel ( PBUH).he taught the Quran his followers until it reached many other people around the world up to now. Abu ‘Ubaid Al-Qasim bin Sallaam who was one of the scholars of Quranic sciences, was the rule settler of the holy Quran.

Its principles-There are four matters of knowledge in tajweed such that a Muslim should know the characteristics and articulation points of letters. A Muslim should also have knowledge of the changes in letters when the order of letters change and exercise his or her tongue to get used to repetition while reciting the Quran.

Principle of its position-This is a tajweed principle that is very much connected to the holy Quran and also known by Muslims that it is one of the Islamic law sciences.

Precept principle-according to this principle, it is required that all Muslims should have the knowledge of the tajweed and make use of its application and make an effort of memorizing even if it is just a small surah in the Quran.

It is very essential to learn the Quran with tajweed because it helps Muslims to avoid mispronunciation while reading the Quran since this will automatically change the meaning of the word due to the extension of the language of Arabic. Assume that you are reading a Quran and came across a word such as Qalb which (is heart) but you misread it for Kalb (meaning dog) then that would be inappropriate.

It is very important for all Muslims to use tajweed especially when they are still learning to read the Quran because it guides us on how to pronounce words in the Quran without changing the meaning. Many Muslims recite the Quran on a daily basis but how many of those recite the Quran in the manner in which it is requested? Just a few since the majority makes the mistake of pronunciation hence they end up changing the words of Allah in the glorious Quran.


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