Does Islam contradict with science?

Islam, by no means, in no matter, contradicts with science. On the contrary, it encourages it. The religious sources are full of fine examples about it. Both the Quran and the universe are the books of Allah (SWT). The first comes from His attribute of Speech and the second from His attribute of Power.

No matter whether scientists have faith or not, they have been reading the book of the universe and have been interpreting the works of power of Allah (SWT).

Each branch of science continually informs of Allah (SWT) with a tongue peculiar to it. For example, the branch of botany tells us about the features of a tree. It tells us how a tree gets the nutrients from soil, how it carries them to leaves, how fruits come into existence, how growing comes true. Then there appears a wonderful machine with root, trunk, branches, leaves and fruits, which are composed of cells. Besides, it is living. Let us think about it fairly: How can simple soil, which is mindless, unconscious, and deprived of knowledge, of will, and of power, can create this wonderful machine? Experts on this matter are unable to make even a single leaf in high-tech labs.

Likewise, the branch of zoology has opened the gates of an animals inner world to our mind. We have realized that each animal is a marvelous factory. Bees make honey; silkworms, which are without hands, weave silk; sheep produce milk. All of these are divine factories. They do not do their own miracles of art, which are referred to them, with their knowledge, will, and power

There are numerous examples in nature.

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