Can the Qur’an be read online in English?

English translations of the Qu’ran can be read or listened to online for free at websites such as, and and also offer English translations. lists chapters of the Qu’ran in enumerated format on the front page. When opening a chapter, the site displays each English verse with original Arabic text laid out to the right. Transliteration of Arabic is available in the options to the left of the scripture. Offered translations of the Qu’ran include the Sahih International, Muhsin Khan, Pickthall, Yusuf Ali, Shakir and Dr. Ghali versions. offers a similar interface but only English scripture and no audio. Qu’ran Explorer offers mobile and desktop Qu’ran applications along with online text and audio in English and Arabic. offers English translation only. has a similar interface with Arabic to the right of the English translation. Source:


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How do you read the Quran in English rather than Arabic?

Follow There are many free English translations of the Quran available online, including the versions available on the Clear Quran website and In addition to English translations, many of these websites feature side-by-side comparisons of the English and Arabic versions of ...

Does Quran Explorer offer lessons in Arabic?

Follow Quran Explorer offers Quran reading, memorization and translation lessons in Arabic through its partner site Quran Interactive. All instructors are proficient in English and Urdu, while Arabic-speaking instructors are available upon request. Lessons on Quran Interactive are conducted online using Skype. ...

Is Quran al Kareem Arabic?

Follow Quran al Kareem is an English transliteration of the Arabic phrase “noble Koran.” The Koran (Arabic for “read” or “recite”) is the name of the holy text of Islam. “Kareem” is difficult to translate into English and has the sense of ...