Removing Negative Energy

Every time you have an emotional contact with anyone, you create an attachment point to them. A cord of energy or chakra cord as they were described in traditional Indian philosophy goes from your energy field to theirs and you are maintaining energy exchange with them – not always a desirable effect.

The strongest energetic attachments are usually created between mother and child. Although at first necessary – they may become a source of problems if not released naturally.

These cords of energy usually attach to a particular chakra of the body.
The energy exchange continues regardless of a distance or your desire to maintain it. The other person has some of your energy and you have some of his/hers. You are influencing each other, often in negative ways.

In a mutually beneficial relationship the flow of energy goes both ways; in a relationship based on fear, dependency or “power trip” the flow is usually one way causing draining of energy from the “victim”.

I mentioned before the “energy vampires” – individuals who maintain their energy levels by draining other people’s energy. Some of them do it unconsciously, others do it deliberately. The latter was the case with my friends – a so called guru created a network of energy cords to his followers and maintained his own energy level by virtually draining others.

I’ve tried different techniques to stop it, but found out that only the following technique worked in this case. I’m not trying to say it’s the only one, but it worked very well in several different cases.
In short – the negative (harmful) energy cords need to be cut and immediately connected to some positive energy source. Leaving them disconnected resulted in a sudden energy drop and they were seeking another “victim” and
usually re-attached within minutes. I use the positive energy of the crystalline grid of Earth – something I’ve been experimenting with for some time.

First – using pendulum I ask if there are any negative energy cords attached. I may ask how many and find out using a chart or counting and waiting for pendulum reaction. If the number is large – I usually first ask to cut all the negative energy cords and immediately connect them to the positive energy of crystalline Earth grid, then check if there are any remaining. If so – I repeat the process by asking to cut all the negative energy cords one by one and connect them immediately to the positive energy of crystalline Earth grid.

Next – I ask to heal the areas where the cords were attached and create a shield around each chakra to prevent further attachments.

In most cases it creates a sensation of relief, wholeness and increased energy, the thinking process is clear.

The above technique can be used for people as well as situations, groups, businesses, etc.

In our daily lives, we are inundated with energy that can interfere with our inner peace and intuition. Here are the basic practices and tools that can be done by you daily to maintain a clear heart and mind and allow us to live at our highest frequency: JOY!

1. Ask Archangel Michael to place a protective energy shield around you at the start of every day.
Basic energy shields include:

• White Light=protection
• Pink Light=unconditional love
• Purple light=guard against Psychic Attack) if you are experiencing jealousy or resentment from individuals and/or feel your energy being drained.
• Mirror shield= Reflects negativity away and transmutes it into love. Acts as a boomerang for those who wish you harm. Illuminates another’s intentions toward you in their own lives.
• Armor shield= Strongest shield against very dark energy or chaos

2. Take sea salt baths or showers whenever you can -OR- Jump in the ocean! Sea salt, a natural detoxifier, has the ability to “lift” negativity or lower based energies off your physical body and Light body.
3. Sleep with a plant next to your bed. Plants cleanse the air and energy surrounding you when you sleep.
4. Sage the rooms of your house – remember the corners. This Native American practice is very powerful. Use it to clear the energy of old lovers or spouses from your home, even relatives or friends with intentions or comments that are intended for less than your highest good.
5. Place a piece of Rose Q in your sleeping space and a clear quartz or amethyst crystal in your workspace. These crystals keep away negativity. They relax you and keep you focused and motivated. Hematite is an excellent protection stone. It absorbs negative energy. Carry it in your purse or pocket for protection from hidden attacks. Note: most crystals need to be cleansed on a regular basis. This is achieved by placing them in direct sunlight for a day or two; or by asking Archangel Michael to clear them during the night of a full moon.
6. Before going to bed each night, ask Archangel Michael to clear and cut away any negative or lower based energies that might have attached to you during the day. Then ask Archangel Raphael to fill you with green healing light. Use you imagination to feel this green healing light flow through your entire body and fill your heart to overflowing. This is a powerful healing experience!

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