Can women ask men private questions in order to learn?

What is natural about this subject for women is to ask authoritative women the private questions, if it is not possible to ask these questions through their husbands or to ask relevant authorities via mails or e-mails. We find out about many questions that are directly related to both our personal and family life from the hadiths related by women sahabahs especially by the wives of the Prophet (PBUH).

Women sahabahs asked our Prophet (PBUH) many questions sometimes in person and sometimes through the wives of the Prophet (PBUH). Our Prophet (PBUH) answered their questions clearly.

It will be useful to mention something that happened during the time of the Prophet (PBUH). Once Hadrat Asma, the daughter of Hadrat Abu Bakr, came to the Prophet (PBUH) and asked him how to do ghusl (total ablution, bath). Our Prophet (PBUH) described her how to do it. Hadrat Aisha, who was there on that occasion, becomes pleased that her sister comes and asks the Prophet (PBUH) a question like that and says How good are the women of Ansar (helpers) that their shyness does not prevent them from learning religion. (Muslim, Haydh: 6l.)

When they asked Imam Azam How did you get this knowledge?, he said: “I wasnt stingy in telling others what I knew, I didnt feel shy or avoid asking others and learn.” Today when private and sexual matters are talked about explicitly without taking any criterion into consideration and usually with the intention of exploitation and family life is degenerated with information given, it is important for both family and religious life of Muslims to give people the enlightening information of Islam about these subjects.

Shyness and bashfulness should not prevent us from learning the subjects like these.

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