Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Al-Aqsa musjid (also spelled El-Aksa; “Distant Mosque”) is that the most vital musjid in capital of Israel. placed on the Haram esh-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary) or Temple Mount, it’s the third holiest web site in Islam once Mecca and Medina. it’s the central focus of the Muslim community in capital of Israel, hosting daily prayers and accommodating giant crowds for Fri sermons.

History of Al Aqsa Mosque
Originally, all of capital of Israel was referred to as the mosque al-aqsa, or “distant sanctuary,” however the term eventually came to be applied to the most musjid within the town. it’s not bound once the primary musjid was designed on this web site – the primary musjid in capital of Israel, the musjid of Umar, was in-built 638 and should have stood here. In 680, the Christian pilgrim Arculf delineate a musjid that seems to air this web site.

The earliest musjid that was definitely designed here was created by the Umayyads around 710 AD, solely many decades once the Dome of the Rock. beneath Abbasid rule, it reached its greatest extent by the top of the eighth century with fifteen aisles.

Unfortunately nothing of the traditional musjid survives today: it had been destroyed by earthquakes double in its 1st sixty years of existence and has been restored a minimum of 5 times. The last major construct was in 1035 by Muhammedan az-Zahir.

After the Crusaders captured capital of Israel in 1099, Al-Aqsa was used because the royal palace of the Crusader kings, then because the headquarters of the Knights Knight Templar in 1118. The gift of those European occupants remains within the architectural style central bays of the most facade.

After recapturing capital of Israel in 1187, grand Turk left the new arches however moulding down all the Knight Templar constructions round the musjid aside from the dining-hall on the south wall. This currently homes the Moslem deposit and Women’s musjid.

In the mid-14th century the Mamelukes administered a serious restoration of Al-Aqsa, throughout that they additional an additional 2 bays on either facet of the construction. Of the rest of their work, solely the side of the musjid survives.

The twentieth century was a time of great turmoil and alter at Al-Aqsa. once 2 earthquakes, the area and side of the musjid were torn down and restored in 1938-42. In 1951, King Abdullah of Jordan was dead within the south finish of the mosque; bullet holes will still be seen in a very pillar. the long run king solely survived the attack due to the medals he wore over his chest. alittle memorial consisting of bullets and tear gas canisters close to the west wall commemorates the attack and riots that followed.

Another tragedy occurred on August twenty one, 1969, once a deranged Australian Christian traveller started a fireplace within the musjid so as to clear the method for the Second Coming. the gorgeous wood podium given by grand Turk within the twelfth century was destroyed within the fireplace. The crime itself was dangerous enough, however it light-emitting diode to riots and in progress accusations that the Jews were attempting to destroy the musjid.

<strong>What to visualize at Al Aqsa Mosque</strong>
The Al-Aqsa musjid occupies the side of the Haram (Temple Mount) and is orientating north to south. the doorway and main facade is on the side, directly facing the Dome of the Rock, and therefore the dome is at the south finish over the mihrab.

Built by the Templars, the 3 central bays of the facade ar architectural style stylish, with the zigzag decoration and blind arches seen additional ordinarily in 11th- and 12th-century European churches. The outer arches additional by the Mamelukes within the fourteenth century follow an equivalent general style. Entrance is thru the central arch.

The interior of the Al-Aqsa musjid, with seven aisles, dates largely from the twentieth century. The area and side of the musjid were restored as a part of a serious restoration in 1938-42, throughout that the Carrara marble columns were given by Benito Mussolini of all individuals, and therefore the colourful painted ceiling was funded by King Farouk of Egypt.

Some older parts do survive, however, together with the mihrab at the south finish, adorned in 1187 by grand Turk, and therefore the mosaics higher than the central aisle arch and within the dome, chemical analysis from 1035. simply east of the mihrab may be a Crusader chapel referred to as the Mihrab of Zacharia, with a beautiful window. Another Crusader chapel on the side is employed for women’s prayer.

Even older parts ar hidden beneath the musjid, in a district not unremarkably hospitable guests. simply to the left of the most entrance to Al-Aqsa, a flight of sixteen steps leads right down to a district known as al-Aqsa Qadima (Ancient Al-Aqsa), wherever Associate in Nursing ancient ramp connects the Temple Mount with the walled-up Double Gate.

Just within the Double Gate may be a vestibule containing columns from Herod’s original south entrance to Temple Mount. The columns support 2 pairs of domes, that start a reconstruction within the seventh century. additional columns were additional later to produce support to the platform above; these in all probability start construction on Al-Aqsa musjid within the eighth century.



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