History of Al Masjid Al Aqsa

Al house of God Al Aqsa incorporates a terribly special place within the hearts of the complete Muslim community because of its distinctive and wealthy history as an area of worship that’s therefore closely tangled with the lives of the many of the Prophets of Islam, moreover as for its special standing as a house of God to that travel is suggested and during which reward is enlarged. it’s a special and blessed house of God of immense size comprising one hundred forty four,000 sq. metres in size (covering just about 1/6th of the complete space of the previous town of Jerusalem) and with capability to accommodate within the region of five hundred,000 worshippers.

InshAllah below we tend to shall commenced a really temporary outline of the history of Al house of God Al Aqsa, cacophonous the data into 3 sections: 1) From Prophet Adam (as) to Prophet Muhammad (saw); 2) From Prophet Muhammad (saw) to 1917; and 3) From 1917 to the current day.

[Please note: for a a lot of careful analysis of the history, clairvoyant missions and for a comparative study of the importance of capital of Israel as commenced within the Torah, Bible and Qur’an, we’d powerfully suggest the web book “Transcending Jerusalem”. it’s v perceptive and is written by a somebody convert to Islam. The book may be found freed from charge at web.transcendingjerusalem.com . we tend to are happy to suggest web.lostislamichistory.com]

<strong>1. From Prophet Adam (as) to Prophet Muhammad (saw)</strong>
Al house of God Al Aqsa was the primary qibla in Islam and it’s been a major and vital place of worship for the Prophets of Islam. it had been engineered forty years once Al house of God Al Haram in Makkah. there’s a distinction of opinion amongst students on World Health Organization specifically engineered Al house of God Al Aqsa, with some students and historians declarative the read that Al house of God Al Aqsa was engineered by Prophet Adam (as), et al. opining that it had been engineered by Prophet Abraham (as). it’s additionally been remodeled, restored and swollen persistently within the history of Islam.

It was a standard place of worship at the time of Prophet Abraham (as) and for his son Prophet Ishaq (as) and grandchild Prophet Yaqub (as). once Prophet Yaqub’s son Prophet Yusuf (as) earned an edge of power in Egypt, he asked his family to hitch him and escape the financial condition that engulfed Palestine. Biblical sources claim this enclosed his father Prophet Yaqub (as) and Prophet Yusuf’s siblings and their youngsters [Book of Genesis], which there have been thirty three altogether (Allahu aalam). At this time, as there was nobody left amongst Prophet Yaqub’s relation to seem once Al house of God Al Aqsa (which at the time had the name of “Beteyel” or “House of God”), look after this blessed place was entrusted to the native population of the land (who were additionally followers of Prophet Abraham (as)), the Palestinians.

The Israelites World Health Organization voluntarily emigrated to Egypt seeking a stronger material life remained there for about four centuries and have become slaves to the Egyptians. This slavery solely all over once Prophet monocot genus (as) freed them from Firaoun underneath the command of God. However, the Israelites rejected the orders of God to come to Palestine and were so commanded to measure in and wander through the desert of Sinai for forty years. This all over once a brand new generation was born, containing among it Prophet Daoud (as), World Health Organization light-emitting diode his generation of believers to Palestine.

Prophet Daoud (as) established his kingdom partially of Palestine, and controlled capital of Israel. His son Prophet Suleiman (as) remodeled Al house of God Al Aqsa with the assistance of the native autochthonic population and next thereto he engineered the ruler’s palace. once Prophet Suleiman’s death, his 2 sons divided his kingdom amongst themselves with every having its own capital. These kingdoms existed for a really short amount of your time – just about 2 hundred years, with the last king of capital of Israel during this kinfolk being dethroned in 586/587BC as he tried to resist the Babylonians (led by King Nebuchadnezzar) however unsuccessful because of a incapacitating beleaguering that the Babylonians had placed on the town.

Shortly once the Babylonians took management of capital of Israel, Al house of God Al Aqsa was destroyed once more.

The Persians overthrew the Babylonians (during which era efforts to construct Al house of God Al Aqsa as an area of worship were renewed), however within the amount thenceforth possession modified hands varied times, and Al house of God Al Aqsa was destroyed, remodeled and so destroyed once more among a century by the Romans in 70AD once a revolt within the town.

By 315-325AD, once the Roman Emperor Constantine born-again to Christianity, the Romans and also the folks residing in their land (including the Jews) not had any regard for Al house of God Al Aqsa and not treated it as an area of holiness and worship, with the location of Al house of God Al Aqsa truly being employed as a place of waste disposal for the voters of the town. this is often however Al house of God Al Aqsa remainded for future few hundred years till the Prophet Muhammad (saw) revived yet again the spirituality of this blessed place, and his nice companion Umar Ibn Al Khattab (ra) liberated the town.

<strong>2. From Prophet Muhammad (saw) to 1917</strong>
Al house of God Al Aqsa had a really distinctive place within the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (saw) for several reasons. Firstly, as Al house of God Al Aqsa was central to the lives of the many of his fellow Prophets (as) with whom he shared associate exceptional bond (as the Islam tutored by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) may be a continuation, completion and perfection of the faith and message of theism preached by all the prophets of God as well as Prophet Adam (as), Prophet Nuh (as), Prophet Abraham (as) (of whom Prophet Muhammad (saw) was a descendant through his son Ismaeel (as)), Prophet monocot genus (as), Prophet Daoud (as), Prophet Suleiman (as), and Prophet Isa (as) to call a few), Al house of God Al Aqsa additionally by definition had a central place in his life and heart. additionally to the current, up till the 2d year of Hijra (623/624AD), the Prophet Muhammad (saw) turned and two-faced Al house of God Al Aqsa because the direction for his prayers.

In his life tho’, the foremost unforgettable reason why Al house of God Al Aqsa has such significance is as a result of it had been the place to that he cosmopolitan on the night of Israa, and it had been the placement from that he created his Miraaj to the Heavens.

In the books of Hadith, we tend to learn that the Prophet (saw) visited visit the Ka’bah at midnight, and fell asleep. The Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) then awoke him and light-emitting diode him to a winged white beast named Buraq. it had been on Buraq that the Prophet (saw) then created the journey to capital of Israel (a journey that will generally take forty days) in mere one significant night. On reaching capital of Israel, the Prophet (saw) met and light-emitting diode all the previous Prophets in prayer at the location of Al house of God Al Aqsa, and so began the Miraaj to the Heavens.

The journey of Israa was such a significant occasion that God disclosed verses concerning this journey within the Holy Book – “Glorified be He [Allah] World Health Organization did take His servant for a journey by night from Al house of God Al Haram to Al house of God Al Aqsa, whose precincts we tend to did bless, so as that we’d show him a number of Our Signs. Verily he’s the All Hearing, All Seeing” [17:1].

After the death of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), the second Muslim of Islam (who was additionally a detailed companion of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)), Umar Ibn Al Khattab, entered and with mercy liberated capital of Israel (accompanied by forty,000 sahaba) on the invite of the Christian leader at the time, while not shedding blood and with the guarantee of protection for the lives, property and places of worship of others among the town World Health Organization wanted to stay there. As Umar’s temperament and characteristics closely resembled and matched those of the benefactor of capital of Israel expected among scriptures, the folks of the town were fast to embrace and settle for his rule.

As mentioned earlier, once he got hold of the location of Al house of God Al Aqsa in 637/638AD, he didn’t realize an area of prayer however rather a plot of land that had been left barren and had been used as a rubbish tip by the Romans. Upon seeing this he took the responsibility to get rid of the waste together with his own hands and to construct Al house of God Al Aqsa. each the Christians and also the Jews were happy with the arrival of Umar and also the Muslims, and with their simply rule.

In 691/692AD, Abd’ al leader bin Marwan began constructing what’s today referred to as the Dome of the Rock on prime of the rock that some believe was the place wherever Prophet Muhammad (saw) began his Miraaj to the Heavens. However, it should be noted that despite whether or not the rock has importance for this reason, its main significance derives from it being among the boundaries of Al house of God Al Aqsa and thus a part of Al house of God Al Aqsa.

The Muslims lost Al house of God Al Aqsa to the Crusaders in 1099AD and were the victims of 1 of the darkest and most bloody days in its history. On arrival into capital of Israel. the Crusaders declared that they’d not take any prisoners, leading to an oversized proportion of the Muslims fleeing to Al house of God Al Aqsa so as to hunt refuge. The Crusaders later entered the blessed house of God and massacred thousands of Muslims within. Al house of God Al Aqsa was then born-again into a palace, and it took eighty eight years before the Muslims rescued it in 1187 underneath the leadership of the nice leader Salahuddin Ayyubi. His reclamation of capital of Israel and Al house of God Al Aqsa was paying homage to Umar Ibn Al Khattab’s liberation 5 centuries earlier, and was a stark distinction to the actions of the Crusaders simply a generation previous. Like Umar Ibn Al Khattab, Salahuddin Ayabbi didn’t enable a massacre of civilians or troopers, and once reclaiming Al house of God Al Aqsa he additionally used his own hands to wash the blessed land, and splendidly besprent rosewater through the house of God.

The Muslims yet again had unhampered management of capital of Israel and Al house of God Al Aqsa for a major amount of your time – just about eight centuries – and their rule was characterised by peace, justice and prosperity, with Al house of God Al Aqsa turning into an excellent centre of learning with students from everywhere the planet travel to check and teach among its blessed precincts. Throughout virtually this complete amount, the Christians and Jews were provided safety and protection, and their rights were revered as folks of the Book.

<strong>3. From 1917 to the current day</strong>
For numerous centuries throughout the Ottoman caliphate, the town of capital of Israel and Al house of God Al Aqsa were preserved with honour and dignity, with Muslims being to blame of the administration of the town, however in line with sharia and also the Ottoman millet system, they provided spiritual freedom and security for the somebody and Christian minorities. but all this modified once the front in Europe emerged with the aim of making a somebody state on Muslim Palestinian land. This front that was supported by a people, was additional strong throughout war one once a people captured capital of Israel associated brought an finish to eight centuries of Muslim rule. On arrival into Palestine in 1917 they found a land that was ninetieth inhabited by Arabs and with fewer than fifty six,000 Jews (of that solely five-hitter were native Palestinian Jews, with the bulk being people who had fled European ill-usage in recent decades). a people allowed the Muslims management of Al house of God Al Haram throughout this era.

Five years once a people capture of capital of Israel, the primary restoration works of the twentieth century in Al house of God Al Aqsa materialized, and a few of years later in 1924 Trans-Jordan took over place of Al house of God Al Aqsa.

In 1947 before kingdom passing over the problem of Palestine to the international organization, the Jews owned but 6 June 1944 of the overall land of Palestine. For this reason, once the international organization General Assembly suggested (despite this being outside of their ability in keeping with the international organization Charter) having a “Jewish state” which might comprise fifty four of the Palestinian land, the native Palestinians rejected the proposal.

In 1948 once a war and diverse massacres and atrocities committed by the Zionists, the Jews established “Israel” on seventy eight of Palestinian land, and captured just about eighty fifth of capital of Israel. The Jordanian Arab Legion took management of the geographic area – as well as Martinmas of the jap components of capital of Israel that encompassed the previous town and Al house of God Al Aqsa.

In 1967 following an additional war, Israel lawlessly occupied East capital of Israel and claimed to unify capital of Israel as a part of Israel. This move was. and remains, opposed and unrecognised by the international community. Following its capture of capital of Israel and also the protests that followed, the somebody authorities fleetly bimanual Al house of God Al Aqsa back to Muslim management.

Following makes an attempt by outstanding Israeli figures to ascertain somebody prayers at Al house of God Al Aqsa and later protests, a law was passed prohibiting somebody prayer on Al house of God Al Aqsa. the choice additionally meant that Jews and foreign tourists might solely enter Al house of God Al Aqsa through the Maghrebi gate.

However since 1967 several Israeli authorities have passed rulings allowing Jews to supply worship on the location of Al house of God Al Aqsa and plenty of organisations are lobbying Israeli officers to start out the method of rebuiliding a somebody place of worship on the sacred land of Al house of God Al Aqsa.

In 1969 a hearth that was started by a Zionist extremist destroyed the mimbar that was put in by Salahuddin Ayyubi. The mimbar was thought-about one among the foremost stunning within the world and was made with over ten,000 interlocking items of Cedar and alternative wood, Ivory and Mother of Pearl basifixed while not a drop of glue or one nail. Most of the harm from the hearth took over twenty years to repair, because of the Israelis not permitting appropriate resources into Al house of God Al Aqsa.

In 1987 four Palestinian men were killed queuing at a stop in geographic area, sparking the primary revolt. revolt virtually means that “shaking off” and is employed to convey the which means of setting Palestine and Al house of God Al Aqsa free from Israeli oppression.

In 2000, Ariel Sharon marched on Al house of God Al Aqsa encircled by over a thousand security guards and police. This sparked the second Palestinian revolt. Following this visit, restrictions were placed on Palestinians want to wish at Al house of God Al Aqsa, with Palestinian men (especially those between 18-50 years of age), facing bans from praying at bound times. These restrictions still at the present time.

In March 2013 Jordanian King Abdullah II signed associate agreement with the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that maintained and reiterated the established order that the King of Jordan is that the official protector of the holy sites in capital of Israel which he has the proper to exert all legal efforts to preserve them, particularly Al house of God Al Aqsa.

In Gregorian calendar month 2013 a draft Israeli law was projected within the parliament (Israeli Parliament) permitting Jews the proper to wish on Al house of God Al Aqsa. This development was the results of forty years of intense lobbying by nationalists World Health Organization want to destroy Al house of God Al Aqsa in its current kind, and replace it with a somebody place of worship.

In Oct 2014 Israeli authorities closed Al house of God Al Aqsa for the primary time since 1967. This resulted in mass protests across Palestine and also the Muslim world, and was fleetly followed by Al house of God Al Aqsa being reopened.

To summarise the current day situation:

Israel consistently denies access to Al house of God Al Aqsa to most Palestinians, has allowable excavation works to be dole out underneath Al house of God Al Aqsa damaging the foundations of Al house of God Al Aqsa, and has allowable Jews to enter Al house of God Al Aqsa throughout bound times on most days (despite this being contrary to ancient rabbinic law for worry of disrespecting such sacred land). additionally to the current, Israel maintains a private security force on Al house of God Al Aqsa for good despite varied appeals by the Supreme Muslim Council – and however still fails to stop Zionist extermists inflicting harm to Al house of God Al Aqsa.

Interestingly, the international organization SC has passed quite twenty resolutions condemnatory Israel’s annexation of previous capital of Israel, and Israel has been the foremost oftentimes condemned state by the international organization in its history.



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