Malala hopes to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford

Nobel Prize winner and education activist Malala Yousafzai has given an admission interview at the prestigious Oxford University.

The youngest Nobel winner is aspiring to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Interestingly, these three majors are usually the degrees chosen by prominent British politicians, civil society activists and media representatives. Yousufzai, while speaking to the local press, said that her interview was not easy and like any other student she is anxiously waiting for the result.

The nobel laureate in many interviews has expressed her desire to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. In one of her speeches this year at an even in Sharjah she said, “Before I thought women could only be teachers or housewives. But when I saw women role models they broadened my vision. Benazir Bhutto who led my country, artists, astronauts, entrepreneurs, athletes.”

She said it was then when she realized that she could become anything she wanted in her life. “From becoming a doctor to becoming the prime minister of Pakistan and fixing all the issues.”

Malala, an education activist who survived a near-fatal attack by the Taliban, rose to international fame after emerging defiant from the assassination attempt on a school bus in Swat valley in October 2012 to continue her fight for girls’ rights. While living under the Taliban rule, she wrote a blog under a pseudonym which featured her thoughts on girls’ education.


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