Al-Saleh Mosque, Sanaa

President Ali Abdullah Saleh Mosque

Saleh Mosque is monumental mosque in Yemen, which caused controversy. Located in the capital Sana’a, near the famous square 70, where he regularly held a military parade. Saleh Mosque was inaugurated in November 2008. Let it build Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, after which it is pojemnovana.
The president’s mosque which is built on the president’s expense is considered to be an immense Islamic building and one of Sana’a city distinctive features.

The mosque has six minarets 100 meters high, in addition to a number of domes. The main dome is 28 meters in diameter and 22 meters high. The mosque and its accompanying buildings’ total area occupy 27300 sq. meters and 24 meters high. It can hold 44,000 worshipers, with a special women’s section. The mosque consists of a 13,596 sq. meter main hall.



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