Muslim physicians open free healthcare clinic in Florida

A group of physicians and leaders in the Muslim community in Central Florida opened a healthcare clinic that will serve the poor and those who do not have health insurance, for people of all backgrounds, free of charge.

The new facility is called the American Muslim Community Centers Clinic. Initially it will be open only on Fridays. But officials said to the Orlando Sentinel it would grow to three days a week in a month or two and eventually to five days a week.

Atif Fareed, AMCC chairman said in a report in the Orlando Sentinel, “Our goal is to serve humanity — no strings attached. Everyone is welcome. We have over 40 physicians who come to our mosque, and we have 11 of them signed up to volunteer here. So we are very, very blessed.”

The clinic will offer general health care to local residents who are uninsured and living under the poverty line, which means they earn less than $23,760 a year for an individual and less than $48,600 for a family of four.

Local leaders praised the effort and have estimated that hundreds of people will benefit from this initiative.

Moazzam Adnan Raja, a spokesman for the clinic, said to the Orlando Sentinel, “We’ll do what we can to serve as many as possible. Our mercy should not be constrained.”