Does Islam honor women?

This is the prayer that Jews utter every morning: Our eternal Lord, the king of the universe, glory be to you for not having created me a woman.

The recent topic: Islam does not value women
A piece of advice for the provocateurs that cling to this approach… If you are just, can you ever deny the existence of such a prayer above?
We are waiting.

The Western civilization has flourished through the viewpoints of Ancient Greece. The Ancient Greek thought sets a model for the European nations.

The Greeks treated their women as slaves. Husbands had right to beat their wives any time they pleased. That is not all. They also had right to give their wives as a gift to other men. Women were never given legacy.

We just remind it in case they are to search about it.

In Ancient Greece, which is considered the cradle of civilization by the admirers of the West, the worst swear word was to address somebody woman. Women were seen as the mother of all evil things. Hesiodos speaks as follows: Zeus created women as troublesome beings for men. Womens every deed is evil.

The Greeks were so much convinced of womens being evil that man-to-man relations and homosexuality appeared. Professor Dr. Salih Akdemir writes as follows about the topic: The book entitled Feast, which is today a handbook of the sexually perverted people belongs to the famous Greek philosopher Plato.

In Christianity, women represent evil, temptation, and seductiveness… Even the relation between husband and wife is the biggest sin. According to Saint Augustine, there is no difference between a wife of a man and a prostitute… the famous Alexandrian theologian Climent said the most terrible words, which could ever be said about the issue. He says, Women must be ashamed of being women

Where are you progressivist ladies?

Where are you Europe-addicted ladies?

The priest in Catholic Church chants this prayer during marriage ceremonies: With a sin I was born, my mother committed sin while being pregnant with me…

Women had no significance during the reigns of Pharaohs. Women meant slaves.
Our so-called intellectuals, who strive to be the admirers of these and those movements and isms, must pull themselves together.

To write against Islam without knowing about it first shows the deficiency of knowledge about it and then it is a treachery.

Women in Western world… Women in Christianity and Judaism…

It is difficult to understand the value Islam gives to women without examining and knowing the Ancient Greece, which is the locomotive of the Western civilization.

Dear progressivists regard tactlessness as research.

Without examining the other cultures and religions and without making a comparison, the judgments are of no value, and comic.

Europe for a long time argued if women had a spirit.

Now pay attention to this verse:
Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has Faith, verily, to him will We give a new Life, a life that is good and pure, and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions… (An-Nahl Surah, 16:97)

Europeans killed nearly 2 millions of women calling them witches.

They were throwing the women that they do not like to the water by binding their hands and feet. If she sinks down, that showed that she was a witch; if she does not, she is a witch again. Because the water rejects her.

A European judge boasted with himself for years for sentencing 20 thousand women (Yes twenty thousand women) to death penalty.

Progressivist ladies and gentlemen, slanderers, those who do not know about laicism.

Please know the truths and do not overstep the limits.

You are lowering to a shameful situation.


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