Less sugar, more wellness

Falling prey to diabetes not only means being compelled to end your love affair with some of your favourite grubs; the effects are, in fact, graver! Being diabetic also means being vulnerable to a host of other ailments that could be fatal in the long run. Fret not, because the good news is, with lifestyle management being instrumental in keeping blood glucose levels in check, staying healthy could be your discretion now.

Eat at Ease
Right choice of food, food composition per serving and serving size are factors that constitute the core of diabetes management.According to Nina Singh, diet and nutrition consultant, drastic change in dietary habits these days coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is largely responsible for the disease.”Consumption of extra calories is detrimental to one’s health as they get converted into fat, which, in turn, leads to insulin resistance.Choose your food judiciously; for instance, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts and seeds instead of the likes of cream and cheese. The golden rule is to include sprouts, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish and egg-whites in the diet and steer clear of high carb foods,” confirms Nina.

Though rice and roti contain the same amount of calories, roti being richer in fibre is a healthier option when consumed in limited quantities. Instead of abstaining completely, sweet-lovers can limit their sweet intake to twice per week.

Moderate exercises for at about 150 minutes per week, brisk walking, jogging, cycling or swimming are suitable for diabetic individuals.

Healthy-the smart way
As citizens of the diabetic capital of the world, Indians need to prepare themselves about the repercussions of the disease as the first step to prevention. According to Dr Debasis Basu, preventive cardiologist and consultant diabetologist, “With one out of four pregnant women running the risk of incurring diabetes, the day when India would be called `InDia(betes)’ is not far away. The reason behind assuming a social approach to diabetes management is that has a negative impact not only on the physical front but also grave financial and emotional consequences in the long run. As social doctors, it is our responsibility to focus on organising diabetes awareness walks, self-awareness and support groups, free insulin and medicine banks, multispeciality integrated clinics, etc in order to educate people about it.”

Since one drop of blood can make so much difference, the next time you check out smart gadgets, don’t forget to pick up a glucometer too!

Screening is the key
Similar thoughts were echoed by Dr Amit Dey, consultant diabetologist, who said that those with a genetic susceptibility to diabetes must undergo annual screening for Fasting or Random Blood Sugar. Diabetics should monitor their Fasting, Post Prandial Blood Sugar, HbA1c levels and consult their diabetologist periodically. Individuals taking insulin are advised to take small snacks at frequent intervals in order to prevent low blood sugar.”In order to prevent complications, screening tests for the eyes, kidneys, heart and foot must be conducted at least once every year,” Dey said.


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