Strategies to Get a Newborn to Sleep Through the Night

Do you have a brand new baby in your house and you are having a hard time getting it to sleep at night .It is actually their body clock that has not been set yet and make the awake when they must be asleep. ? It is possible to get some sleep again!

Do not let your infant sleep too much during the day.
Avoid naps that are close to when the baby needs to go down for bed. So if you want the child down at 7:30 PM then you might avoid letting the baby nap after 4 o’clock.
Put your baby on a schedule. Structure is important to children of any age. Try to feed, bathe, and put baby to bed at the same time each evening. If you think it is impossible to control a baby’s habits at least be structured in what you can control, like bath time. Wake baby up for the bath if you have to.
A nice warm bath and some warm milk at night have calming effects.
Avoid over stimulating the baby during the night. Most importantly: keep night-time feedings as low key as humanly possible by:
o Using dim lighting (or better yet none at all)
o Keep talking and eye contact at a minimum to help the baby understand that night-time is for sleep only.
o Absolutely no playing with the baby at night.

Lullabies! Lullabies always work! They help the baby to relax and be calm so they can maybe try to go to sleep!

• Check for colic and use appropriate comfort measures, if the baby is colicky.
• It is sometimes a good idea to let the parent who is going to work sleep in another room so that at least one parent gets enough sleep. There’s no sense in having two cranky and deprived parents in the house, especially if there are other siblings.
• Make sure your baby’s diapers are not on too tightly, but not so loose that they can leak.
• If the work scheduled allows, take turns in doing the night feedings.
• Adjust the temperature in the baby’s room so it’s not too hot or cold.
• Swaddle the baby.