Abdul-’Azeez Aal ash-Shaykh

He is the noble Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullaah Ibn Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Lateef Aal ash-Shaykh. He was born in Riyadh in 1362 A.H./1941 C.E., and since his birth he suffered from weak eyesight, until he lost his sight altogether in 1381 A.H./1960 C.E.

He began seeking knowledge by studying the Noble Qur.aan at Masjid Ahmad Ibn Sanaan, and memorised the Qur.aan when he was 12 years old. He then sought knowledge from some of the scholars in their gatherings. In 1375 A.H./1954 C.E. he transferred to the Imaam ad-Da’wah Institute where he graduated from the Faculty of Sharee’ah in 1383 A.H./1962 C.E., and he used to attend some of the gatherings of the scholars in their masaajid.

He began his active religous life after graduating from the Faculty of Sharee’ah in 1383 A.H./1962 C.E., whereafter he worked as a teacher at the Imaam ad-Da’wah al-‘Ilmee Institute until 1392 A.H./1971 C.E. He then transferred to teaching at the Faculty of Sharee’ah (at the University of Imaam Muhammad) in Riyadh and continued there until 1412 A.H./1991 C.E.

He was then made a member of the Council of Senior Scholars in 1407 A.H./1986 C.E., whereafter he was made a member of the Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Fataawa, where he was appointed deputy to the grand muftee of the Kingdom (Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn Baaz) in 1416 A.H./1995 C.E.

He was the imaam for Jumu’ah prayers at the Masjid of Shaykh ‘Abdullaah Ibn ‘Abdul-Lateef since 1390 A.H./1969 C.E., later transferring to being imaam at the Central Masjid of al-Imaam Turkee Ibn ‘Abdullaah in 1412 A.H./1991 C.E. He became the imaam and khateeb at Masjid Namirah on the Day of ‘Arafah in 1402 A.H./1981 C.E.

Whilst at the Faculty of Sharee’ah he used to supervise some university theses, and take part in theses discussions/debates.

Since 1414 A.H./1993 C.E. he has taken part in responding to questions on the radio program “Noorun ‘alad-Darb”.

He also used to hold lessons in the Central Masjid of al-Imaam Turkee Ibn ‘Abdullaah. He takes part in seminars and lectures alongside his work in the field of da’wah in Riyadh and Taif.


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