How to Be a Better You

So you feel like you want to change but still be who you are? Great. You my darling dearest, have come to the right place!

– Clear your skin up! Get more sleep and drink plenty of water. Wash your face, moisturize and get some sun. This will brighten your complexion and give you more energy! As well as this, it will give you the essential vitamin D that your body needs.

– Find an exercise regime. It’s simple really, if you tone up and look great, then you’re going to feel great.

– Trim your nails. Make sure your nails are presentable looking. Long nails are gross and unattractive. Keep those nails short and clean.

– Find clothes that accentuate your body type. This will be much more flattering and attractive.

– Be Positive, most people in the world would prefer a good vibe from a person.Look at yourself would you like to have a negative partner, vibes from a positive partner brings good thinking, attitude and progress in life.


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