Common traps in your marriage

If you want to choose your partner, be careful do not be in rush and do not stuck in these traps during selection process.

First trap: Beauty

There is no doubt that we all love beauty and we are attracted to it, but when the role of beauty is more reasonable limits, it leads to troubles. It is better to choose a person as a spouse, clarify your priority: Even though beauty is important, but what is more important than beauty? What criteria are you ready to sacrifice for beauty and what criteria are important? If this person was not beautiful, is he still a good man that you know? If you think yes, he will be suitable for you.

Second trap: Social status

Social status is one of the things that greatly increases the risk of confusion in mate selection. Social position can easily affect on the individual’s characteristics and close our eyes to many things. In this case we’re married to the opposite side, but when will go under one roof , you’ll have to live with a man who is not the same as what do you want.

In such a situation do you think if he is not at this social position, will be acceptable? Except for special occasions, or other features that attracted you to him?
Third trap: Immeasurable love

Love is one of the requirement for marriage, but it is not enough for marriage. If you’re just want to marry for the sake of love, you will see a day to separate.

One of the most dangerous situation is when you falling love. In this case you are influenced by emotions and just decide based on it. But the truth is that the brain cannot normally operate in this situation. So lover sees nothing.

The eyes of the lover sees everything through the glasses .Only problem is that we can always look at the world through this lens, sooner or later the fascination and excitement will decrease.

Fourth trap: Loneliness

Sometimes it is intolerable to be lonely. Excessive loneliness can easily put you in a wrong place. When you feel sorry for yourself, someone will come and help you to not feel lonely.

In every election, when we’re going to rush, do not let your future be destroy.

Fifth trap: Rush

You are the last born child in the family and your grandmother and grandfather want to see your marriage. You are older sister and your sister’s marriage depends on your marriage. Or you may feel it is late to marry. But be careful and do not let none of these cases lead you to wrong choice.

Sixth trap: Incomplete recognition

You want to get married with someone and communicate with each other to marry, you will go to the coffee shop , have weekend with friends or a telephone connection. If you go out 20 years’ weekends and talk to him on the phone for hours every day, it is still quite incomplete understanding of him!

When you get married with someone , you actually found him suitable in all aspects of life, family, past, future, and thoughts and also you get married with her body, in the above example, you only know about the “coffee shop” or in other words the “entertainment” aspects of him, so it is never enough for a good marriage. When we face with all of his life aspects, we can get a more complete understanding of all aspects of the them.

Seventh trap: Emotional crisis

You cut off your relationship , you are yet sad for that, and you are not get back to your normal life; it is understandable that you need someone to communicate but it is not a good time to marry. There are different reasons for emotional crisis: You may recently have lost a loved one, your fired, or maybe you’re sick, your parents are separated or any other issue that bother you. In an emotional crisis, our minds are potential for error in this situation. At first you think that he is suitable to you, but after passing through crisis you will understand that your choice was completely wrong.

Eighth trap: Euphoria and excitement

In your cousin’s wedding party, you have met you someone who is always in your dreams. You have good feeling about him. But be careful. Just because you have been on the edge of the wrong choice!

Positive emotions as well as negative emotions put us on the edge of wrong choice. It means, you get carried away. In some circumstances, we do something while in normal situation we avoid of them. When we are in the party, our brain functions differently than normal and in fact our filters to select the right person do not work. It would be a big mistake to trust on our mind.

In this situation it is better to wait a while to return to normal situation and think again about this person.

Ninth trap: Keep up with the joneses

Keep up with the joneses always always closes our eyes to the facts and do not let us to see the correct way. If you are in a situation and tend to keep up with the joneses through marriage, it is better not to get married.

How we should understand our decision is based on it? When we constantly compare ourselves with the marriage of one who provokes our jealousy, and you try to eat their heart out by marriage.


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