Faithfulness in marriage

Some people during their engagement or marriage do not know how to find the boundary of married life, and that makes their relationship worse. How? For example, a person who already has many friends and colleagues, and now he doesn’t know which relationship he must modify.

All relationships that you have aren’t romantic to you, but it may be more sensitive to your fiancé or spouse. This is a trap that many new couples fall into that. Is there a way to prevent it from happening? Don’t underestimate these basic advices, especially in the first days of your marital life.

1. When you married, your spouse is the only person who can meet your emotional, support, physical and sexual need. If your love, trust and feeling are strong enough, you can manage your other relationships.

2. Accept the fact that you aren’t single, but you are married and you must carry the responsibility of your marriage. Tell your friends that you have a happy marriage and at every opportunity, you can get along with your spouse.

3. Do not let the opposite sex to think that you have special feeling about them. When someone who is not your spouse, and you have very intimate talk with them; you are cheated on your spouse.

4. Do not put yourself in a situation with the opposite sex lonely. Such situations can make troubles for you and your partner get upset.

5. If someone is trying to start an intimate relationship with you, tell him/her that you are not interest in such relationships, you are married and have a happy life, and you’re really in love with your spouse. So, eliminate the possibility of starting any relationships with them.

6. Your spouse must be the first person in your life. Be honest and tell everything which are important to your partner.

7. Your spouse is the first person in your life. Successful marriage does not happen suddenly. Thus, you should try to achieve it, especially when couples are involved in their work and home responsibilities, so following these tips is very important, but your spouse should be the first priority in your life.

8. When you pour out your troubles to someone of the opposite gender you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position. It may seem harmless. After all, you just needed a shoulder to cry on. If you’ve got a problem, talk about it with your spouse. Such relationship can be a threat to your relationship with your spouse.

9. Accompany your spouse when you are out with your friends. There is no need to go out lonely, when you are married. Especially if others come with their partners, so both sexes are present.

10. Try to attract trust in your relationship. Open borders as much as possible. You shouldn’t hide you messages, emails or calls and do everything in front of your partner.


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