Recommendation to Couples

Based on experiences which we have gained in the family counseling, it is necessary to say some recommendations for couples. We hope these recommendations increase context of romantic relationships in the family.

1. This is the naive and optimism that you imagine after a few years of your joint lives, won’t be the problem. So when some of the conscious and unconscious factors cause difficulties in your life and male-female relationships are strained, in these circumstances, save the situation is a necessary evil. Avoid the interference of others, especially children.
2. Love your partner.
3. Encourage your partner by inculcating the positive aspect.
4. Thank pains of each other.
5. Don’t stop your partner from socializing with her/his family.
6. Consult your partner in life issues and value his/her comments.
7. Treat physical weaknesses such as the irritability, the pessimism, the anger.
8. Be faithful to your promises when you promise.
9. Value the work of each other; especially value your partner’s works at home, you men.
10. Wear each other’s flaws.
11. Pay attention to your partner’s needs.
12. Strengthen the faith and belief in your partner. So when the Prophet (peace is upon him) asked the great man of Islam, Ali (peace is upon him) “how did you find your wife?”He said, “She is the best helper in God’s obedience.”
13. Respect the rights of each other.
14. Ignore mistakes of each other.
15. Don’t forget the handclaps and the embrace in any meeting.
16. If your partner got sick, take action for his/her treatment immediately.
17. If you come home late, give your partner a ring.
18. Express your partner’s good qualities in the presence of others.
19. Pay attention to each other in parties, especially in mealtime.
20. Value your partner more than your children.
21. Don’t forget your partner’s birthday and your marriage anniversary. Prepare the appropriate gift for your partner.
22. Fix the flaws and shortcomings of the house early.
23. Go to bed on time.
24. Don’t neglect your appearance and adornment for each other.
25. Don’t get on intimate terms with your partner’s friends, because it prepares the ground for the suspicion.
26. Don’t have a word in someone’s ear in the presence of others.
27. Step forward in comings and goings with your partner’s family.
28. Don’t confer an obligation on your family for the purpose of your pains.
29. Don’t prefer in your speech any man on your husband.
30. Don’t praise women of the family and men of the family in the presence of your partner.
31. Don’t discuss your requirements when your partner is not ready physically and mentally.
32. Don’t cast your family distinctions of birth, economic and cultural, in your partner’s teeth.
33. Put yourself in the hands of your partner, in your free time.
34. Help your partner in housework.
35. Avoid the conflict and discord in the presence of your child.
36. Ask your applications with due attention to your partner’s ability.
37. Escort your partner when he leaves the house.
38. Don’t put your daily troubles and problems with the scowl and the stern face in the presence of your partner.
39. Don’t hold in contempt and blame your partner in the presence of the family.
40. Go on a journey and go out to parties with your partner and children.
41. Admire and praise your partner’s work, although those works are a little.
42. Pray for each other.
43. Don’t show your teeth against your partner.
44. Don’t restrict your partner at home.
45. Don’t leave your laughter in the workplace and don’t forget your partner needs the laughter and happiness at home.
46. Notify cheerfully, when you see a shortage at home.
47. Make yourself up for your partner and appear in front of him with his favorite dress.
48. Become familiar with the psychology of your partner by reading books such as Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.
49. Don’t look for the blame in the event of disputes, find a solution.
50. Don’t compare your partner with others.


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