The suitable spouse is not available!

Do you want to marry with someone who is an insensitive person? Who are these kind of people? Can we have a mutual life with these people? Do they have a committed mutual life or they are away from marriage? Why we get attracted to such people and urge to marry with them? In this article we will respond to these questions.

Insensitive man and woman are those who avoid of intimate relationships and committed mutual life. In other words, these people are not emotional and do not respond to the others’ feelings. Obviously, in this situation it would be difficult to keep and maintain a good relationship. However, fortunately these people have signs that can help us to identify them before we get married. You have to pay attention to even one sign. In the following we will explain briefly the twelve important signs.

Those who are:

1. Those who have a relationship with the other person.

2. They cannot accept liability towards you. The fear of commitment is evident in their past relations.

3. They do not know what to do.

4. They cannot cope with emotional conflicts.

5. They are looking for sexual relationship.

6. They suffer from addictions, such as alcoholism and sexual addiction and substance abuse.

7. They prefer not to meet you face to face. Reluctant to introduce you to their friends and family and they only use E-mail, messages or chat.

8. Continuously or intermittently, they do not present in appointment and bring excuses such as fatigue, headache and etc.

9. They peak very well. They break their promises and you will understand that they do not care about their promises. In other words, their actions and words are not the same.

10. They speak with ambiguity, to understand their words they we need to hire a decoder.

11. They are narcissistic, they only consider their own needs rather than your need.

12. In the first meeting, they look attractive but as soon as they realize you have been fascinated by his side, they will leave you.

These are people who are more likely to be insensitive.

To understand that whether or not this person is insensitive, we need timeto achieve the particular result, and it is not possible with one or two meeting. In addition, identify the problem, regardless of the individual’s background is very difficult. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to his/her relationships in the past to know more about his/her characteristic (Ensure that he will communicate with you as well as other important in his life in the past.)

If you understand that he/she is insensitive, you will leave him/her as soon as possible. You may think that you are different from others and you can keep this relationship for a lifetime, but you should know this relationship is one-sided at all-time a one sided relationship, not a dynamic bilateral relationship. You have been spent your love to him/her constantly, you have to try different ways to be intimate with him and to see his emotions, but there was no response.

To understand that whether or not this person is insensitive, we need timeto achieve the particular result, and it is not possible with one or two meeting. Of course there is no reason to feel guilty for interests in a person and add another feeling to other bad feeling that you have experienced during the past period. You have been absorbed by the person unconsciously. So it is better instead of the blame of unsuccessful relationship try to identify the reasons that you were attracted to him. Stop to play the role of victim, you are not victim but you are responsible for your choices. That’s why you are still fantastic!

Another thing that should be mentioned is concerned with these people. They are influenced by past emotional wounds and injuries that can be learned from this unconscious defense mechanism to protect themselves in relation. Studies have been shown that people who grow up under hard situation, will be insensitive in the future.

If you have been affected, do not get sentimental for these people. You cannot treat them, you are going to marry him and become his wife, not to be his psychologist. Do not care about them and only concentrate on the realities of your life, the fact is that he will not be suitable for you. Leave him alone. It is the biggest thing that you can do.


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