10 recommendations for a successful marriage for girls and boys

For girls and boys who are in the age of marriage do not ignore the following recommendations.

1.The marriage does not mean that it should meet all of your need and make you entirely happy and satisfied. No it’s not. Having a good and successful material life requires sacrifice, dedication, patience, understanding and forgiveness. Some people said that a young person who does not overrule his pride, arrogance and his bad treats, it would be better to stay single forever.

2. Marriage is the best opportunity for spiritual growth and to achieve perfection. It is necessary to thinking about moral progress in this life every day .

3.It’s okay if in the first month of life , unintentionally you make mistakes. But try as soon as possible change the situation, learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them. Your performance in the fifth and tenth year of marriage must be different from the first year.

4. A real man can love a woman, to marry her and he remained faithful until the end with her. A real woman can love a man and in the shadow of the man feels his interest at her heart, so she tries to make a good life.

5. Love is not only a feeling. Love is in the sense of obligation and loyalty. Open your eyes to find your love based on the standards that are important to you, go to a new life, but when you have any trouble, even the worst, you have to looking for a solution and avoid of divorce.

6. If you have had romantic relationships with other persons, forget them forever. Even in cyberspace could easily provoke emotions. It is highly denied.

Love is not only a feeling. Love is in the sense of obligation and loyalty. Open your eyes to find your love based on the standards that are important to you, go to a new life.

7. Women consider love as romantic love relationships but men consider love as sex. Learn each other ‘s language.

8.We get attracted to people who are different from us and at the same time, we feel closeness to them. After the marriage, do not try to eliminate differences with your partner and make him look like yourself. This work led him to become the person that is not attractive.

9. Before and after marriage life speaking with the Lord Almighty through prayers and ask Him to show you the right way. Who in the days of joy and sorrow always remain your friend.

10. Do not sacrifice happiness for material. If you look at the past in every stage of your life, good memories are related to spiritual matters.


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