10 Tips for Working Women When @ Home

As employed women get home, they might feel worried and amazed; asking themselves: Where to begin and what to do first? Probably they allocate less time for themselves and think they won’t have an ordinary night because they have not been home. Though by following 10 simple steps; a working women would be like one who has stayed home, wasting many hours on the phone or watching TV.

1. Try to be home an hour before your husband
It will reduce the stress and the negative thoughts in your mind; and men usually prefer to see their wives while they get home.

2. Have food plan
Before you get home; you should know what food you are about to cook; probably you have a monthly food plan in which you planned to cook your favorites several times a month. Making a food plan has many advantages; because it brings variety as you concentrate and won’t forget some foods in planning. Probably you are one of those who decide what to cook just the night before; it can also be helpful as you know what ingredients you should buy today.

3. Save your time
As you get home take the meat, vegetables or other frozen ingredients out of refrigerator (1 minute is required)
Sure you should consider the timing; and when you want to start cooking first.

4. Separate your clothes and organize them in their appropriate place
For example categorize them by their types and put the dirty ones aside; then you will spend less time to find what you need; hang them right, in order to prevent further ironing. (spend 2 minutes here)

5. Take a rest
Lie down and put your feet on the wall or on a pillow, so it would be slightly higher than earth; close your eyes; even if you are not used to taking a nap; just let your waist be free for a while and if you are mostly sitting on a chair; do exercises for the wrist to prevent intervertebral Disc herniation. (15 minutes)

6. Take a shower
Besides getting clean, showering can really refresh you and make you feel better. (10 minutes)

7. Dry your hair
Using hair iron, or dyer or other tools; style your front hair; it won’t take long time but you vwill look more organized.
Keep in mind that it’s better to let your hair dry naturally (10 minutes)

8. Take Wudu
Be careful to dry that part of your hair which you need to touch in wudu; your hands’ moisture must be dominant while touching your hair. If before taking wudu, that part is not dry, use a dryer. In Wudu, intention is very important; if you take Wudu and intend to do it for your obligatory praying before its time, your Wudu is not accepted but if you do it for seeking God’s satisfaction and in order to get close to him, then Wudu is right even if you say your prayer with that Wudu. (1 Minute)

9. Wear make-up
Feel free to wear make up now that you have taken your Wudu; After using moisturizer; wear a light make-up such as simple lipstick, drawing eye lines so your face looks livelier; if you have a daily use of mascara; choose a high-quality one to avoid eyelash lost; also choose lead free lipsticks.
Even if you are not a professional cosmetologist; you can make your face look beautiful in five minutes. Some would rather use Powder Blush or face powder; we suggest if your face really doesn’t require using them, don’t apply them to your skin as they are harmful. (5 minutes)

10. Clean the house
If your family is organized, you don’t need much time to clean; we cannot allocate definite time here as it depends on your family status; for example whether you have children or not; but if you clean the house completely in the weekend; you don’t need much time during working days; just sort your bed cover and remove the extra things around or sweep if necessary. (Max 15 minutes)

11. Start cooking
This step might seem a little hard but if you manage your time and use your skill you can cook a good food in an hour; of course using electronic tools would also facilitate your works. (If you really don’t mind it electromagnetic waves)
You don’t need to be engaged just in cooking; you can listen to music or call a friend or relative; wash the dishes or prepare salad or desert; even you can study or rest or play with children as the food is cooked.
If you sum up all the required minutes to do these steps; you see that it is possible to handle at least as much as a housewife does; just by being organized and having time management.
The house is now ready for your family; preparing some fruits and cold/hot drinks for your family is also a good idea. Certainly your family cooperation would make these activities more joyful! Good luck!


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