5 makeup tricks for bigger eyes

But that is when smart makeup tricks and tools help us to make those beautiful deep eyes look sexier than ever.

These simple tricks will help you to make your eyes looks bigger and also attractive.

1. Highlighter at rescue: Though we would like to think that concealer is the ultimate savior which is always ready to rescue, not many know that highlighter can sometimes work as a fairy godmother who can work things out instantly. Take shimmery highlighter and apply a small amount of it under the eyes, after you have applied your concealer. This will banish the dark circles if any and make your eyes look bigger and fresh.

2. Shape the brows: No amount of eye makeup can cover the unruly and untamed eyebrows. Though it might sound naive, but a shapely eyebrow can work wonders and can instantly open up your eyes.

3. Do not apply eyeliner all over: Do not apply eye liner all over the inner rim of the eyes as it will make the eyes look smaller. Apply eyeliner on your lower lashes, just below the lash line, not inside the rim. Do not line the entire eyes.

4. Try white: Use white eye liner to open your eyes. Dabbing white or even light cream eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes will instantly open your eyes. Apply the color in the corner as well as on the lid and slightly above the crease.

5. Curl your lashes: One of the simplest and easiest tricks to make your eyes wide open is by curling your lashes. Use eyelash curler and loads of mascara to it.


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