10 Things about Uthman (RA)

Before the martyrdom of Uthman (RA.), he spoke to Abu Thaur al-Fahmi (RA.) thus:

I entertain great hopes in my Lord with Whom I have placed ten things as trust:

1. I am the fourth person to accept Islam.

2. The Holy Prophet (SAW) gave his daughter in marriage to me.

3. On her death, he gave me his second daughter in marriage.

4. I have never sung a song.

5. I have never even thought of wickedness.

6. Ever since I took the oath of allegiance to the Holy Prophet (SAW) with my right hand, I have never touched the genitals therewith.

7. Ever since I became a Muslim, I have set free a slave on every Friday.

8. I have never committed adultery during the Days of Ignorance or after embracing Islam.

9. I have never stolen anything during the Days of Ignorance or after embracing Islam.

10. I committed the Holy Quran to memory during the life time of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

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