Jeddah Needs 60 More Mosques

Jeddah needs about 60 new mosques over the next five years to keep pace with the growing population in certain areas, a government official said here recently.

”There are only 1,600 mosques in the city. Many areas and neighborhoods have no mosques to serve worshippers including Al-Salah, Al-Shamaliyyah, Al-Muhammadiyyah, Al-Salamah, Al-Rawdah, Al-Marwah and Al-Haramain in north Jeddah. We estimate that the city needs to build about 60 new mosques over the next five years,” said Talal Al-Aqeel, the new director general of Jeddah Awqaf and Mosques, who is also adviser to the minister of Islamic affairs on Haj and media affairs.

In an interview with Arab News, his first as director general, he said the minister has given him the task of overseeing the development of several ongoing projects and to enhance the profile and presence of mosques in the city.

”The minister also instructed me to upgrade the performance of imams on Fridays, and to encourage them to use their sermons to focus on family values.”

”Due to its important geographical location, as the gateway to the two holy mosques, Jeddah is especially important in disseminating the teachings of Islam. The government wants Jeddah to have as many mosques as it needs,” he said.


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