Why do we feel sleepy while studying?

Sleeping is a natural part of individual’s life that occurs in repeating periods and sleep is the best way to relax the body. In additional, we must take into account the facts such as where to sleep, how much sleep.

What’s causing you to be sleepy?

– The situation and circumstances of reading.
– Reading is difficult at the same time.
– The kind of book that read.

Most people when reading a book have a comfortable position that prevents physical activity. This factor causes that lactic acid enters into the blood and cellular fluid, so the body becomes fatigued. Lactic acid absorbs a lot of oxygen. Due to the reduction of oxygen, the brain gets tired and during the study, we feel sleepy.

The following suggestion are intended to help overcome feel sleepy while studying:

– Proper sitting and posture for reading.

– Avoid sleep position during studying, that’s why the brain must perform two task sleep and study at the same time.

-Avoid staying in one position for too long. When you read a book for a long time, it has a hypnotic effect on the mind.

Researches indicates that

Research shows that sleeping after reading or learn something new causes that you remember it more and better.

– During studying, change your position constantly to increase focus.

-During studying, you should have physical activities in a short interval.

-Read something loudly.

-Studying at the right time is important.

-When you feel sleepy, try to read an interesting topic.

-To increase your brain power, take a cold shower.

-The points that mentioned above are important to prevent drowsiness during the study.

– Research shows that sleeping after reading or learn something new causes that you remember it more and better.

So if you think you’ve read enough it is better to go to sleep, so try to avoid stay up all night.

If you sleep after learning a new thing, you will remember it better.

Although one third of human life spent in sleep, mysteries of sleeping are not completely cleared yet.12% said they dreamed in black and white, and color television play an important role to increase the number of colored dream; within the first 5 minutes of waking up, a person forget 50% percent of his/her dream. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone. Blind dream will consist of only auditory and other sensory related sensations (touch, smells).

People are most prone to heart attack and obesity due to lack of sleep. Somnambulism sleep disorder is not limited to walking and people may have committed a murder while sleeping. Animals such as cat actually sleep 70% of their lives. It has been said that:” If you sleep, you will learn better.”

This news is according to the study of Professor Matthew Wilson in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences of Cambridge University. The rats in the MIT study were hooked up to a device that measured the pattern of neurons firing in the hippocampus, an area of the brain known to be involved in memory.

The scientists had the mice perform specific tasks in a maze that produced very distinctive patterns of brain activity. When they repeatedly saw almost exactly the same patterns reproduced during sleep, they concluded the rats were dreaming about running through the maze. The correlation was so great that scientists said they could place where in the maze the rat was dreaming it was.

The discovery of similarities between human and animal dreams could enable scientists to use the rats to learn more about the human mind, Wilson said. Scientists could manipulate the rats’ experiences in a way that is not permissible with people. For instance, some scientists believe people solve problems in their dreams. The theory could be tested on rats, he said. Scientists also believe that dreams help form and reinforce long-term memories. The MIT findings may bolster that theory.

In addition, sleep after learning aids memory, children are trying to nap for shorter periods of time in the afternoon. Therefore, if you have an exam don’t stay up all night, that’s why sleeping helps learning and memory and you remember them better.


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