And I Hurried to You, My Lord

A Qur’aan teacher always advised her students to live by this Ayah:

وَعَجِلْتُ إِلَيْكَ رَبِّ لِتَرْضَىٰ

“And I hurried to You, my Lord, so that You’ll be pleased.”

[Taahaa, [20]: 84]

She told them, “This Ayah is what moves me. When I hear the Adhaan and I’m occupied and in the middle of something, I remind myself of this Ayah and so I get up to pray.”

“When my alarm goes off at 2am and I want to go back to sleep I remember: ‘And I hurried to You, my Lord, so you’ll be pleased’, and so I get up and stand before Allah.”

Her husband had the following arrangement with her: On his way home from a long day at work he’d call her so she’ll get the food hot & ready, so he can come home and eat & rest.

One day he asked her to make Mahshi (stuffed grape leaves) – a very time consuming dish. The process involves wrapping many of them and then putting them in a pot to cook. She had 3 more to wrap; but the Adhaan was called.

So she left the 3 remaining grape-leaves (which would have taken her 5 more minutes) and went to pray.

Her husband came home and found that the food was not ready and she was in sujood. He noticed there were only 3 grape-leaves left. A bit upset, he uttered, “You could have just finished them & put the pot to cook then pray!” But she wasn’t responding.

He went to her to discover that she had died in her Sujood!

SubhaanAllaah! Had she waited like any of us to “finish whats in her hand” she would have died in the kitchen! Indeed, the way we live our life is how we will die.


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