How to Dress Well As a Guy

By dressing well, guys can give off the appearance of being confident, attractive. One’s attire is one of the first things noticed by others, and these first impressions are long-lasting. With a few simple steps, any guy can dress to impress everyday.
Dress comfortably. If you are uncomfortable, people can tell, and it makes you less attractive. You might think those skinny jeans look smashing on you, but if they cut off the circulation in your legs because they’re actually girls’ jeans, it’s probably not something you should be wearing.

o That being said, don’t go too tight or too loose. It is important to make your body looked proportioned. Avoid wearing tight jeans and a loose shirt. This causes you to look top-heavy. Wear slim-fitting (not tight!) jeans and shirts that seem tailored.

o A good shirt will fit with the shoulder seam on the curve of the shoulder, and the cuff stopping just before the curve of the hand (where the hand meets the wrist).

o If you choose to wear shorts, choose a slightly wider leg than you would on a pair of pants. Shorts should stop somewhere between the top and middle of the knee. This provides a balance, as you only have half as much length.

Don’t wear athletic clothing unless you’re doing athletics. It may be easy and comfortable to wear sweatpants, a baggy t-shirt, and running shoes, but this makes you look lazy and unkempt.

o Your favorite jersey can be incorporated into your outfit, but don’t make it look like you just got out of practice. Make sure you’re wearing jeans and decent shoes. If you want to be “presentable,” you probably only want to wear the jersey to a sporting event.

o The same goes for military fatigues, hunting camouflage, and work uniform clothes. If you’re dressed to the nines in hunting cammo, people are doing to assume that you just went hunting.
Dress for the occasion. If it is a formal occasion, wear a pressed button-down shirt, a tie, jacket, trousers, belt, nice socks and clean, attractive shoes. Don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt. If it is a non-formal occasion (such as school), don’t wear slacks. You will look out of place and people won’t want to go up to you.

o If you’re going to a job interview, ask your contact what kind of attire their applicants usually wear. For job interviews, you probably always want to wear either business casual or business formal attire. (It’s better to do over-dressed than under-dressed for an interview.) Business casual means slacks, formal shoes, and a pressed long-sleeve shirt. Business formal means the same, with a tie added.

o If you attend or plan on attending professional networking events, industry conventions, or formal dinners, you probably want to invest in a good suit: matching slacks and suit jacket. Choose a darker, classy color for increased versatility; grey, dark blue, and black are excellent choices.

o If you plan on dressing in formal wear pretty regularly, you might also want to consider a blue blazer. A blue blazer is a (dark blue) sport coat that you can dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. Wear with jeans and you’re casual but still dapper. Wear with slacks and you’re formal with a little bit of flair.

Make sure whatever you wear fits properly and looks good on you. The fit is the most important aspect of any article of clothing. No matter how cool the style is, if it doesn’t fit you, do not wear it.

o Remember that cotton clothing will shrink a small amount the first time you wash and dry the fabric. If you plan on drying your cotton clothes, look for sizes that are slightly too big to accommodate shrinkage. If you dry clean certain items, you won’t have to worry about it.

o For shirts, the seam at the beginning of the sleeve should start right where your shoulder ends. The length of the shirt should extend beyond the belt but not beyond the buttocks.

o For pants, the waist should fit you comfortably right above the hips. The pant leg should extend down at least to the top of your shoe, but not to the ground.

o Don’t be afraid to get some of your nicer clothes tailored. If you buy your clothes at a reputable place, they’ll have a tailor on hand. The tailor will get your measurements and talk with you about what kind of look you want to achieve. For a small fee (or often none), your clothes will come back looking like they fit only you.

One of the best investments a guy can make is a simple white button-up shirt that fits like it is tailored. Every guy looks great in it, and it can be dressed-up with slacks and a tie or dressed-down with jeans and sneakers. The same goes for a good blue oxford-cloth shirt.
European cut shirts are a bit different from American cut. The European cut is a little slimmer and more form-fitting along the sides, while American cut is a little baggier, allowing for more room.
Never leave your house wearing something you would not want to be seen in on television. You never know who will see you, and you should always strive to make the best impression. You never know when you will run into the a potential employer, or a local news crew looking to do a story on your life.

If you must wear a cap, wear one with a flat brim. Wear it on a slight angle. Don’t wear it backwards. Don’t wear a hat too much or it will put a band on your hair which makes your head look like a peanut.

o Classic hats like Ivy Caps and fedoras are back in style now, and can look very smart with a light jacket or even a t-shirt. Choose a neutral color, or a subtle pattern. If it has one, the band should either blend in with the rest of the hat, add contrast, or a hint of color.

o Straw for summer, and not rain, leather or wool felt for fall and winter. A feather in the band in the colder months, no feather in the summer.
Wear jewelry sparingly. You don’t want to look like Mr. T, but a necklace can be a nice touch on the right person. If you think it would look good, get your ear(s) pierced. This is really a matter of personal taste and it could also look better or worse from person to person. For example, if you are sporty, wear a gel wristband (more than one is ill-advised) and discreet necklace (tucked into your shirt).
As a rule of thumb, however, stick to a nice watch and maybe cufflinks. You want to look dapper, but you probably shouldn’t have on more jewelry than any of the ladies in the room.

Tuck in your shirt. You may hate tucking in your shirt, but a tucked-in shirt, slightly loosened, actually makes you look thinner if you are larger. Not to mention it makes it look like you care about your appearance. This doesn’t mean to tuck in your tee-shirts (never tuck in t-shirts), but if you are in a more formal setting, you want your shirt to be tucked in.
Find a hairstyle which suits you. Unless you have facial hair or very manly features, don’t do long hair. If you are larger, avoid shorter hair since it can accentuate the roundness of your head. Instead, opt for a structured haircut. Likewise, if you are really thin, more voluminous hair can exaggerate your thinness.

Accessorize your shoes. While it may seem feminine, own a variety of shoes, i. e. brown and black dress shoes (which can worn with non-dress clothes, depending), more casual shoes, sandals, etc. Try to stay away from wearing athletic sneakers all the time, unless you want to look like a teenager. Varying shoes day-to-day helps keep your look fresh, and your shoes will last longer. High quality shoes are a valuable investment and can be re-soled when the bottoms wear off.

o Sneakers are a must for the casual, sporty look. Wear sneakers with more casual jeans and pants, and resist the urge to dress them up. You can go for more classy sneakers, but count on sneakers to be value-items.

o Black lace-ups are a must for more formal occasions. While they’re expensive, they’re a great investment to make, especially if you take care of them with polish and shoe trees. Try not to get lace-ups with a square or too-pointy toe: they won’t be classic forever.

o Desert boots or chukkas straddle the line between casual and formal, perfect for those nights out on the town when you want to spiff up your wardrobe without going overboard. Go for chukkas in a nice neutral color like sand, brown, or grey; leather or suede will fit the bill.

o Lace-up boots round out the essential shoes for the well-dressed guy. Get them new or used — used actually looks pretty good, as you want your boots to carry a worn look — for a look that’s rugged without looking cheap. Dark colors work best.


• If you’re on the larger side, don’t wear tight clothes as an outer layer. It makes you look larger. A good idea, though is to wear tight clothes as a first layer and then wear something loose over that, as it makes you look thinner.


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