Clash of Clans: 6 secrets of success

”Clash of Clans is an attractive mobile game and most people spend more time using tablets and smart phones for this game day and night.”

If you see some Mobile App Store Downloads you will face with a huge variety of games; that a small number of them have global popularity, and some of them are also famous and popular, but the rest of the games have not become successful in the implementation and operation and in marine of applications and mobile games are not important.

Have you ever asked yourself why a play as Angry Birds turned into a mega brand? And why Cut the Rope or Temple Run are separate from then similar games?

Clash of Clans is an attractive mobile game and most people spend more time using tablets and smart phones for this game day and night. We look at the success formula of this addictive mobile game.

1. Play with both casual and the professional players

Clash of Clans originally had a much more cartoony and casual look than its current form, in fact the game went through numerous visual alterations before the final look was settled on.”We had this notion that maybe the hardcore players would actually dislike this, and think it was too childish,” explains Louhento. “So we had to find a sweet spot, such that it would not alienate the casual players, nothing dark and black and evil and realistic, but on the other hand, it couldn’t be too easy.”Louhento admits: ‘This wasn’t a quick chop and change. He says:”It took us a while, it wasn’t an easy task.”

What the team eventually settled on was a mixture of realism, and a “super-deformed, Japanese style,” adds the project lead. “I am a huge fan of Pixar, and their characters are appealing to a younger audience, but at the same time, they’re cool for adults too. We are also big fans of Capcom characters, strong character art that’s really polished.”

Within the team of 5-6 people, more than 10 different character concepts were brought forward and abandoned before they found exactly what they were looking for. Discovering that perfect mixture of both casual and realism in the visuals was key to pulling in a wide range of players. It’s not just the visuals, of course. Casual and hardcore players want different types of game play, and attempting to mix these together can be tricky.

For the hardcore, Clash of Clans offers online battling elements. Louhento says: “I think there is something about the competitive nature of the game”. “We have leader boards; we have that kind of edge where people think ‘Oh I want to be there, so I’ll need to upgrade this.” The progression, I think, is more visual. “And for those players who are not so into attacking each other, there is enough to keep them entertained on the side. He says: “It’s the social elements too”. “You can chat to clan mates, and donate troops – that feeling of belonging together is really powerful. Once people get into a clan, they are really invested and willing to play for a long time.”

2. Do not extravagance in the training game

It is interesting to know that the construction phase of CoC launched only a few weeks before the game’s release on the App Store, and from the beginning it was not supposed to have a training stage in the game. Louhento believes that incorporate training in the games is accepted commonly, but some of the game makers take it seriously and consider it as a class. “A long training process as a class is boring and tedious.”

”Zynga game studio has a specific team to design training process in the games, but we are not going to behave the same as them. Users should interact with the game easily otherwise we cannot force gamer to play by tips, training and recommendation. Of course every new element which is added gradually to game needs an explanation and we should not leave the gamers alone. Today game makers are spending a lot of time to learn the games for gamers but if we do not complicate things, our work will be easier.

3. Follow a certain goal

“For the first two months, we did a company-wide demo, and everybody played inside Supercell,” says Louhento. “We coded all the basic functionality, all the character behavior – I think we only had the Barbarian character back then though.” He adds, “It was multiplayer, running on a server. And it felt really good. This was a bit of a blessing for the team , to have a game that felt good to play from the get-go — but it really all came down to knowing exactly what their goal was from the very beginning.
“It was an easy project in a way,” he admits. “Obviously we put hours and hours into it, but the goal was pretty clear from early on.”

Louhento believes that one of the factors in the success of Clash of Clans, “We make these games for tablets , we can see how things are scrolling, we think about the frame rate, and we’ve done a lot of work on the gesture controls. Many games have a good idea but they will fail on the run. Louhento believes that you can tell when a mobile game hasn’t really been developed with usability in mind. “Take The Simpsons: Tapped Out, for example,” he says. “It’s a great game, but they didn’t really put in the effort to think ‘Is this button big enough? Is the usability good? Is this really optimal?'”. There is no doubt that this is a fun mobile game, but its controls should be better. “We all played hundreds and thousands of hours of Clash of Clans, just to try to iron out everything. If it didn’t feel right, let’s do it again – let’s really make the scrolling and tapping work best,” he adds.

And this isn’t a new idea either. The public has been choosing the products with the best usability options for many years now, reasons Louhento.

4. Do not overwhelm players

Hay Day and Clash of Clans updated every few week with items and new content, but ” Update” has its own way and style. New players can potentially become overwhelmed by hordes of content, while veteran players may feel like new content messes with the equilibrium of the game.

Supercell formula is only nake new content to professional and loyal players and and bring newcomers in more gradually before throwing everything into their boat. It takes one or two weeks those new players to explore all angles of Clash of Clans but when they learn how to play, they will play professional. It will not happen overnight, and it is not possible that from the beginning you become a professional CoC, you should slowly pass the stages.

Maintain a delicate balance between amateurs and professionals is another issue that needs to be considered in updating the game. “We know that, we should not play complicated. In other words, there must be something in the game that players discover it by themselves. Seemingly CoC is a simple and mundane game, but to discover hidden aspects they should try for hours. ”

Supercell like Clash of Clans to balance complex game use an experimental system that updates or new content does not interfere in the playing. More exactly, each new item which is supposed to be added or new events that are going to happen in the game, first, it simulated automatically within the supercell and its flaws are removed. For instance, simulation system automatically simulates different forces battle. As it turned out, which side is stronger and what should we do for players that they be able to compete on equal terms with each other.

Louhento states:” Always there are possible tricks and loopholes that exist in the game that players use it for their own benefit, but 99 percent of our simulation system automatically recognizes the weaknesses and flaws of the game and always keeps the balance of the game.

5. Healthy competition is good

Clash of Clans and Hay Day were developed by two different teams within Supercell, and the two groups would constantly have friendly digs at each other about how far they were through development, or the features they’d managed to implment most recently.”We had this healthy competition with the Hay Day team,” Louhento explains. “We’d say ‘our controls feel better than yours’, and every Friday we would say things to the other team like ‘we managed to build this in a week.”
“Then next week the Hay Day team would say by the way, we just did this big chunk of code in a week.” So there was some great, healthy competition. Funny competition!” he adds. This was a huge part of what made development on Clash of Clans not only of a high standard, but also enjoyable.”I have been making games for 20 years,” Louhento says, “and I have never seen this kind of progress, and also joy from making games.”

Recommendations for management of resources in Clash of Clans

Do not spend too much

You start the game with a little fund, and your capital is the Gem. Like any business, you should spend your capital carefully in Clash of Clans. As much as possible be content, and just to speed up the construction of your base, you consent to invest.

Do not spend money for elixir and gold

Achieve an important resource in the game like the elixir of gold is so tempting, but to acquire a resource, do not spend money. Just have a bit of resistance, so your gold and elixir gradually become more and more.

Cut trees and bushes

Every so often trees and bushes are grown around your basis. The trees and bushes have two benefits: First, you get XP points, and second, sometimes maybe you earn jewelry by the trees and bushes.

Complete the achievements

Variety achievements are in the games that will be completed only by passing time, and each of them has three stages. By fulfillment each achievement you get the jewelry, with fulfillment second and third stages of achievement, your prize gets bigger. Pay attention to the following notes:

* Improving a Gold Storage to stage two, has 10 points XP.

* To obtain 10 stars in mode 10; brings 10 points XP Campaign and five jewelry.

* Upgrade Town Hall to stage three is equal to 10 points XP and five jewelry.

Target three top tribes

Entering into clans or top tribal is so difficult, so you should be (A) class or wealthy player for having a chance to enter one of these tribes, but it is possible that’s why the three dominant tribes receive limited number of jewelry and these jewelry is divided among 10 top players of tribes.

Look at the discounts

After a few weeks of the game Clash of Clans offers you many items to purchase with discount. In the auctions of Clash of Clans do not forget occasion items, such as reduce costs of healing champions or reduce cost of basic sources production.

How can we get better in Clash of Clans?

Everyone in Clash of Clans has own strategy and approach, but there is some tips and advices for any gamers with any level of strength and skill. We read together five key recommendations for better playing of Clash of Clans.

Be patient

Achievements are predetermined goals that by achieve them you can get more points but to sum up these points, you have to be patient. In fact, the money that you need to progress and become stronger in the game is inside the game, but to gain this money you have to be patient.

But let’s speak about big points which are waiting for you. For instance, when you’ve gone too in-game and earn thousand and 250 Cup or “Trophy”, you will earn 250 gold heart. 250 pieces of jewelry plus some rocks and logs that you earn very hard will make you a strong player and a powerful landowner. Furthermore, when you enter the Crystal or Crystal League, you will earn 250 pieces of heart jewelry.

Do not consider appearances

When you start to play Clash of Clans, and out of curiosity and look at the farms of other players, perhaps seeing the splendid modern buildings and items that older gamers have been collected; you become depress, but worrying about Clash of Clans is a thankless task, first, there is always someone who is richer and stronger than you, and secondly remember that can be jumped on both wooden fence or metal walls and destroy them; so do not consider appearances , and at least initially, spent the funds on infrastructure development. Avoid of luxury that’s why ” Great boast ,little toast” does not work for you.

The archer is better than dragon

From The Hobbit to mobile game Clash of Clans, dragon is always amazing and exciting to see. The first time that you are faced with a dragon in CoC game, you say by yourself ” I want a dargon” but it is an illusion and you should think though-out and logical. A dragon takes place of 20 new archers and it’s takes 30 minutes to build it. In this case, the quantity is better than quality so having some archers is better than a dragon.

Increase the degrees of archers and your basis and like the Mongols destroy villages. In addition, having an army of archers allows you to arrange multiple attacks within a few hours, however, the infantry soldiers need an hour to get ready for battle, and in a few hours deliberate attack by enemies can paralyze you. In addition you have to invest on the military barracks, and build a few military barracks to control more infantry.

Thoughtful play

This is a stereotypical and boring advice, but there is no harm in trying. Clash of Clans is not the same as “Sim City” or “Farm Ville”, because each game has its own rules. When you go step by step, you engaged with defense, invasion and reap the achievements, so you are thinking about spending money; and very soon you’d like to overtake but we suggest you go patiently along with others and all enjoy the ups , downs and moments of victory and defeat in a game. To improve your talent in Clash of Clans you should not spend more money, but you also need to spend more to gain experience.

Lose and loot

No matter what you do as a professional, the Clash of Clans becomes difficult sooner or later. One of the strange and yet practical for the survival and progress of this game is that every so often you are going to fail in the online battles with other gamer. The Secret of a deliberate failure is that many times when you fail, the map of game becomes easier, and the system of play coupled you with a weaker enemy. In other words, it supposed that you are incapable of fighting in the stage where you are and sends you a step below , it is unaware of your target that is be in the same row with beginners and looting weakness; it is apparently dirty tactic but it is really work.

Clash of Clans competitors

If you ever get bored of the CoC space, if environments and game play were repeated, If you want instead of a giant dragon, berbers and other animals in the the same style play with other things, what the options do you have?

Jungle Heat

Almost can be said it is a clean copy of the CoC, because the game is like CoC in the details, and even tactics. The difference is that Jungle Heat is in a modern warfare environment and its tools and weapons are providential and fantasy. Principles of play are marauding. Jungle Heat’s graphics are interesting, especially if you stay in the HD mode. You’re in the middle of a forest and need to make your base stronger against enemies. Graphic surrounding forests and waterfalls around are really nice and unlike CoC are never static and monotonous.

Boom Beach

Previously the game which was exclusive to iOS, but now it comes to the world of Android. Boom Beach is another product of CoC manufacturers, it is in the same style but have many differences in details. You have a small army in a beautiful island which located in the middle of the ocean. And of course you need to expand your army to defend your island against enemies. You also to obtain additional resources have to check the neighboring islands, not as a tourist but as a robber! The main difference is that your army is equipped with gun, tanks, ship, aircraft and submarines; everything is much more real than a fantasy world of CoC.

Hay Day

You may not even want to go to war and conflict and you want to remain in a quiet environment. Hay Day is one of the best options to play games that are Hay Day’s other product manufacturers. This time, instead of fighting and looting you are a farmer, you will take care of the farm, and you get engaged in trade with the rest of the farm owners, you sell milk and buy cheese, and finally enjoy of having a peaceful world full of cattle and sheep rather than looting.

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