What happens at the last moments of separation from this world?

Imam Ali (AS) explained about the last moments of becoming separated from this world and its blessings for those who are at the last stage of their lives in this world: They will be inflicted by agony of dying and the regret of losing the world’s blessings. Their bodies will become weak and their faces become pale. Then death will dominate them more, and as a result their tongues will stop working whilst they are among their families. They will see with their eyes, and can hear with their ears (but are not able to talk). They think how they have wasted their lives? In what ways they have spent their lives? They think about their wealth which has been gathered without paying attention to Halal or Haram, and how they have never thought about the way of collecting it. They are regretful at the time of death because the hidden issues will become clear. In this situation they do not care about all the favourite issues of their lives, they wish their wealth could have belonged to those who used to envy them, and finally there will be separation between them and their favourites in the world.


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