Shah Rukh Khan pranked by Ramez on Ramadan show

Fans are eager to watch Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan get pranked on Arabic TV show Ramez Underground hosted by Ramez Galal this Ramadan, which was filmed in Abu Dhabi and airs daily on MBC.
Comments, made in Arabic on an online promo that featured a dramatic cameo by Khan, indicated that viewers are most excited about seeing his episode.
“I swear to god, I’m going to watch the show for Shah Rukh Khan only,” one viewer wrote.
“I’m going to die to watch the Shah Rukh Khan episode,” another agreed.

“I’d do anything for Shah Rukh Khan. He didn’t yell or get scared, even his sunglasses didn’t fall off. Manliness, manliness,” another admired.
One fan was impressed with Galal’s calibre of guests this year, writing, “I can’t believe that Shah Rukh Khan is together with Ramez Underground. Wow, Ramez.”
News publication Al-Alam claimed that a source revealed Khan was paid $400,000 (Dh1,469,411) to appear on the show.
tabloid! reached out to MBC, the television channel which airs Ramez Underground, to verify the claim. However, a representative clarified that Ramez Underground was not an MBC Home Grown Production and therefore they could not confirm nor deny any information with regards to production value or costs.
Ramez Galal’s prank show is a Ramadan mainstay, recurring every year with a different theme. Last year it involved taking celebrities on a turbulent helicopter ride in Dubai, including Hollywood star Paris Hilton.
This year, Ramez Underground brings the pranks back to earth. Galal tricks his guests — mostly Arab singers, actors and sportspeople — into thinking they have an interview with popular presenter Neshan. Afterwards, they are taken into the desert for a safari, only to sink into quicksand. Galal dresses up as a massive lizard and charges toward them before the big reveal.
Several viewers took to Twitter to condemn the show for being staged or ‘fake’. Meanwhile, one Twitter user called it the highlight of their day, and another said it’s the only show they watch during Ramadan.
Due to the nature of the pranks, which rely on making people deathly afraid, responses over the years have been divided, with some deeming the programme cruel. However, viewership remains high.
Galal has already been physically assaulted by his victims in both episodes that have aired this year. Ramez Underground airs on MBC nightly at 9.30pm.


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