Jamia Masjid -Kashmir

Sultan Sikandar, In the year 1385 cmmissioned this huge Jamia Masjid which is now known as the Jama Maslid. Owing to the Masjid’s magnificent t Indo-Saracenic architectural brilliance and the religious practices of the Kashmiri Muslims, The Jamia Masjid or the Jama Masjid is frequented by vistors round.

Acting as the finest example of its architecture, the jamia Masjid with the support of 370 pillars, hads stood as one of the most holy and beautiful monument of Jammu and Kashmir. The total area covered by the historical masque equals to 384 feet by 381 feet which can accommodate more that 33,000 people during a single congregational prayer.With its high roofs, Huge Minars and extraordinary designing grammar, The Jamia Masjid ius used by beileivers to offer prayer in a congregation at an altitude which is no less than that of Kashmir.

Jamia Masjid, popularly known as Jama Masjid, is situated at Nowwhatta in old city of Srinagar. It is regarded as the most important mosque in Kashmir. Built in 1400 AD by Sultan Sikanadar, structure of the mosque resembles the style of Indo-Saracenic architecture and its magnificent courtyard along with 370 wooden pillars invites large number of tourists from across the world. Away from bustling activities of the city, it is the ideal hub of peace, tranquility and serenity.

Thousands of Muslim devotees assemble at the mosque every Friday to read Namaaz (prayer). The mosque was destroyed thrice by fire and rebuilt each time; last restoration work was carried out during the reign of Maharaja Pratap Singh. Despite of this, Jama Masjid still today stands tall and evokes the glorious historical stories to each visitor.


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