Is Salman Khan’s Tubelight releasing in Pakistan?

Is it, is it not?

With only a week for Salman Khan’s latest production Tubelight to hit screens, Pakistani fans will have to wait to find out if the film will hit theatres here or not.

While Indian publications like The Indian Express, reported that the film will release, Deccan Chronicle reported that the film will not see a release in Pakistan. Images got in touch with Sulaiman Lalani of Geo TV, official distributors of Yash Raj films in Pakistan, to find out what’s the real deal.

“Yes, the reports are partially true. Until the Ministry of Information and the censor board gives an answer we cannot release the film. We are filing the film’s application to send to the Ministry of Information at the moment and hopefully we’ll get a response by tomorrow. If they say no, we will not release it. Whatever decision they arrive at, we will respect it,” he said.

Deccan Chronicle cited that one of the main reasons the film will not see a release in Pakistan is because “two big local films [are] scheduled for an Eid release and the local filmmakers do not want any competition, especially in the form of a Salman starrer,” and that due to this the film may see a two-week delayed release in Pakistan.

Lalani rectified the above statement and said, “Yes, some of the local producers are not interested in the film releasing in Pakistan, but it is not in their hands. If the film releases it will be on June 23rd, not at a later date.”

Amar Bhutala, COO of Salman Khan Films told Indian Express that rumours of Tubelight not releasing in Pakistan are false. “It is not true, Tubelight will definitely release in Pakistan too but I cannot confirm a release date.”

He further added, “Salman Khan Films is committed to taking Tubelight to markets across the globe with our overseas distributors Yash Raj Films. Salman has a huge following in Pakistan, which has only grown with the positive message in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. We hope to release Tubelight in Pakistan as well, and our efforts continue in that direction, but we respect the law of the land and judiciary if they decide otherwise.”

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