Ayat Ul Kursi

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Allahu la illaha illa hu
Wal Hayyul Qayyum
La te huzuhu sinetun wala nawmun
Lahu ma fissemawati wa ma fil’ardi
Men thallathiy yeshfe’u indehu illa biznih
Ya’lemu ma beyne eydiyhim
wa ma halfehum
wa la yuhiytune
bishey’in min ilmihi
illa bima sha-a wasia kursiyyuhu semavati wal’ard
Wa la yeuduhu hifzuhuma wa hu wal aliy ul aziym

Allah! There is no god but He,
Al-Hayy (the Ever-living), Al-Qayyum (the Self-subsisting, Eternal).
No slumber can seize Him nor sleep.
His are all things in the heavens and on earth.
Who is there that can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth?
He knoweth what appeareth to His creatures as before or after or behind them.
Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth.
His Kursi doth extend over the heavens and the earth,
and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them.
He is Aliyy (the Most High), Al-Adhiim (the Supreme in glory).”


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