Plants of Kashmir

Cradled in the lap of the Himalayas the state of Jammu and Kashmir is particularly rich is flora. Due to the wide variations in topography, the region has a large variety of species. There is no wonder that its flora ranges from the thorn bush type of the arid plains to the temperate and alpine flora of the higher altitudes. Prominent among the trees are maple, horse chestnuts, silver fir, etc. At the higher altitudes there are birch, rhododendron, Berbers and a large number of herbal plants.

Undoubtedly the most important of the trees found in Kashmir is the Chinar which is grown throughout the length and breadth of the valley. Whether you visit the gardens of Shalimar or Naseem, Nagin or Nishat, or the parks of Bijbehara or Verinag, Char Chinar or Poshwari or anywhere in the state of Jammu and Kashmir- it is certain that you will find a magnificent, graceful and majestic Chinar called Booune in the local language. The size of this tree is gigantic and indeed mind-blowing. It is an enthralling sight to view the Chinar changing its colors differently corresponding to the changing season. During the autumn, the appearance of the tree becomes very spectacular. Mountainous region in the state are covered with dense deodar, fir and pine. Almond, walnut, willow and cider are some of the trees which are the part of the rich flora of Kashmir.

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