How many steps does hajj have?

Hajj is a tradition established by Hazrat Abraham (Ibraheem in Arabic) as per command of Almighty Allah Karim. Hajj is performed during the last month of the Islamic calendar. The schedule is as under, this is how Hajj is performed in different stages: All these rituals teach unconditional obedience to Allah Almighty. They teach equality, simplicity, sacrifice, tolerance and charity etc.

Day – 1. 8th of Zilhajja: Taking bath, putting on Ahraam (two sheets of untailored cloth), going to Haram i Pak, making intention of performing Hajj, offering two Nawafil and reaching the field of Mina (preferably) before Zuhar Prayer and staying there.

Day – 2. 9th. Offering Fajr Prayer and reaching the field of Arafaat (the main ritual of Hajj). Offering Zuhar and Asar prayers (Qasar) behind the Imam in Masjid – Namra – if possible. Staying there till sunset, offering Prayers and parying to Almighty Allah Karim. Leaving the field of Arafaat just at sunset without offering Evening Prayer. Coming to Muzdalfa at night offering Maghrib and Isha Prayers together. Staying there at night. Collecting 49 small pebbles for stoning the Jamraats.

Day – 3. 10th (Eid day) Offering Fajar Prayer and leaving Muzdalfa at sunrise. Stoning the Big Jamrah (Shaitan), offering animal sacrifice, coming to Haram i – Pak, going around the Ka’abah, performing Sayee (Walking/running betwen Safa and Marwa hills), shaving off head (for men- women cut two or three inches of their hair as a token) and putting off Ihram. Going back to Mina and staying there.

Day – 4. 11th. Stoning the three Jamraat and staying at Mina.

Day- 5. 12th Zila Hajja. Stoning the three Jaraat (Shaitans-Devils) and coming back to Makka Mukarma before sunset. That is the end of Hajj.

Day= 6: 13th Zihajja. If some one itentionally or by chance does not leave Mina before sunset of Day-5, he will stay there for the night and on the 6th day he will stone the three Jamraats and return to Makka Mukammah. This ends Hajj

Source: aljazeera

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