Naghma Sahar-chief NDTV anchor

Naghma Sahar is one of the most respected electronic media journalists of India. She is currently working as a senior anchor and Associated Editor of NDTV. She has compelled people to admire her journalistic acumen because of some of the most memorable journalistic endeavors of India like covering Tamilnadu Tsunami from ground zero, going to hinterland of Kashmir to cover state assembly when there was a threat of terrorist attack and many others.

Naghma Sahar basically belongs to Bihar, India. Her father used to work for the Bihar Government and she has done her schooling from Patna. Later, she took admission in Delhi University and has done MA from Delhi School of Economics. She also got UGC JRF degree with Rural Development. Actually, during her education, she was dreaming of becoming a lecturer in Delhi University. However, the destiny has written something else for her. She did an internship with Aaj Tak and after completing masters’ degree she was offered a job with Aaj Tak. She happily accepted the offer and after that there is no looking back.

She became one of the most popular journalists with her show Salaam Zindagi. This was a unique show of its kind with amazingly dedicated viewers. She is currently attracting viewers’ attention with a show named Agenda. She is considered good at International Affairs, Indian Politics and Social Issues.

She started her journalism career in 1999 and since then there isn’t any looking back.

Naghma Sahar had a boyfriend during her days at Delhi School of Economics. The name of her boyfriend was Jitendra Sardanah. They were quite close and dreaming about marriage. However, families of both of them disapproved this relationship because of faith and religion issues. They decided to call it a day.

There is no denying that she is still quite beautiful. Her hair is unique among media professionals in India. Her charming face always compelled people to think about the good luck of the guy who was her boyfriend.

Naghma Sahar married in 2003 when she was 30 years old. Unfortunately, there is no information in the public domain about her husband. She has always protected her privacy. She is on various social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but she never discussed about her family life, about her husband and children.

Source: wikipedia


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