Myanmar’s ‘Alan Kurdi’ drowns trying to reach Bangladesh

yeni safak

A baby girl drowned trying to escape the Myanmar government’s massacre against Rohingya Muslims in the Naf River
A Rohingya family in an attempt to escape the attacks perpetrated by the Myanmar army in the state of Rakhine, set out to sea to try and enter Bangladesh when a baby girl lost her life after their boat sank on the Naf River.

The photo of the baby lying motionless in the mud caused a great reaction among social media users.

The picture resembles last year’s photo of Alan Kurdi, a Syrian baby who was up on the shore in Turkey’s Muğla attempting to reach Greece with his family. The photo of the Rohingya baby once again displayed the tragedy and pain the Muslims in Rakhine experience. Social media users shared the photo encouraging people to “stand by the Rohingyas,” and drew attention to the continuation of atrocious tragedies.

Source: Yeni Safak


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