Ammaar Saeed

Ammaar Saeed also known as Mufti Sheikh Ammaar Saeed is an American Islamic preacher and the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation New York (IRFNY), AHAD TV, Humanity Charity, Peace Relief and Islamic Shariah Council New York (ISCNY). He is also an author and has written several Islamic books on many controversial topics as well as on Islam, Christianity and comparative religions and a counselor at New York Family Court and a founder of ONE GOD TV.

Saeed was born in Pakistan and moved to Dubai, UAE in his early age with his parents. He completed his High School there and his family migrated to New York in 1997 permanently. He double majored in Computer Science and Business Administration in New York, along with that he completed certifications in Airline Travel Business and Airline Computer Systems like Worldspan and SABRE and also certified in CPA Program. He had also completed certifications in computer software programming and TV Media Broadcasting Systems and TV satellite systems. He completed study program of the Islamic University of Madinah and currently in a pursuit of PhD program.

In 2012, he joined the network and team of Yusuf Estes’s GuideUS TV channel and managed several Islamic events in New York and broadcast on satellite on Guide US TV LIVE shows including managing several projects on Share Islam and Islam News Room News website of GuideUS TV Media Productions and Network.

In 2014, Saeed established Islamic Shariah Council New York (ISCNY).

In 2016, Saeed launched AHAD TV for promoting the authentic teaching of Islam, through Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. AHAD TV is currently projected to launch on satellite Galaxy 19 throughout North and South America in future and on Europe, Arab and Asia satellites including Australia and New Zealand.

In 2017, Saeed launched ONE GOD TV, the first Islam and Comparative religions TV channel, due to the media spreading hate and Islamophobia against Islam.

In July 2017, Saeed attended a meeting of Pakistan’s political party PTI held at its New York branch where he served as Imam of PTI New York and consulted in Islamic Matters. The meeting was held in the support of PTI chairperson Imran Khan to get him elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the next Prime minister Elections in Pakistan and get support of Pakistani Americans, followed by former PM Nawaz Sharif’s removal from office by Supreme Court Islamabad.

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