Presidents Assad-Rouhani Phone call

President Bashar AL-Assad received a phone call from his Iranian Counterpart, H.E. President Hassan Rouhani, who vehemently condemned the US-British-France aggression against Syria.

President Rouhani reiterated Iran’s stance by Syria and the Syrian People, asserting that such an aggression would never weaken the Syrians war against terrorism.

President Assad underscored that the aggression would but increase the determination of Syria and Syrians to continue the fight against terrorism as to eliminate terrorism in each and every span of the Syrian soil.

“The aggression comes at the time during which the terrorists failed to achieve the objectives of the states of aggression which throw their hat into the ring in the war against Syria,” said President Assad.

“The aggression came too after the aggressor states had lost control and lost credibility before their people and the world.” Added President Assad briefing President Rouhani on the Syrian encountering of the aggression.

Source: syriatimes