Massacre in Gaza: Death toll hits 61

The death toll in Gaza on Tuesday hit 61, eight of them children, and some 2000 have been injured by Israeli fire, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed today as thousands of Palestinians went out to the streets in the Great March of return ahead of the 70th Nakba anniversary, and in protest the US moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem today.

IOF opened fire towards the group of unarmed protesters under claims of approaching the border fence.

According to locals, two of those killed were wheelchair bound leg amputees, and an 8-month-old infant who inhaled toxic teargas, in addition to journalists.

The ministry announced the names of martyrs to be:

Ezzedine Mousa Mohammed al-Sammak (14), Wassal Fadel al-Sheikh Khalil (15), Ahmad Adel Mousa al-Sha’er (16), Saeed Mohammed Abu al-Khair, (16), Mohammed Abdel Salam Harz (21 years), Yahya Ismael Rajab (21 years), Muhammed Abdulsalam Harez (21), Ahmad Mustafa Ahmad Assaf (23), Ahmad Fayez Harb Shehada (23), Ahmad Awadallah (24), Mustafa Al-Dakhour (22) , Khalil Ismail Khalil (25), Mohammed Ashraf Abu Sitta (26), Bilal Ahmed Abu Daqqa (26), Ahmad Majid Qasim Attallah (27), Mahmoud Rabah Abu Muammar (30), Jihad Fawaid al-Farra (30), Fadi Hassan Abu Salmi (30), Mu’taz Bassam Kamel al-Nunu (30), and Ahmad Fawzi al-Tatar (28), Mohammed Riyad ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Amoudi (31), Jihad Mohammed Osman Musa (31), Shaher Mahmoud Mohammed al-Madhoun (32), Musa Jabr Abdel Salam Abu Hassanein (35), Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Hamdan(27 ), Ahmad Khalil Mohammed al-Rantisi (27), Ala Anwar Ahmad al-Khatib (28), Mahmud Yahya Abdel Wahab Hussein (24), Ahmad Abdullah al-‘Adini (30), Fahmi Abu Salah (16), Ahmed Zuhair Hamed Al-Shawa (24) Mohammed Hani Hosni Al-Najjar (33), and Fadel Mohammed Atta Habashi (34).

Thousands are currently marching in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Gaza, Jerusalem, and different areas, calling for the right of return and condemning the embassy move.

In Ramallah, thousands have marched towards the northern entrance of the city.

Intense clashes also broke out at Qalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem.

Source: PNN


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