Settlement plan to seize 139 dunums of Deir Dibwan land near Ramallah

The Israeli Ministry of Finance has granted a license to implement a settlement plan, which aims to seize some 139 dunums of the land of Deir Dibwan village, east of Ramallah.

The Land Research Center in Jerusalem he center said in a press release on Thursday that the land was seized as part of a detailed settlement plan within the land of Deir Dibwan village in the natural ponds 32 and 33.

He pointed out that the analysis of the detailed outline presented, shows that the occupation authorities aim to link the colony of “Ma’ale Mikhmas” settlement “Mitzpeh Danny”.

He pointed out that the plan shows that the Israeli authorities allocated about 48 dunums for the construction of public buildings and institutions, 26 dunums for the construction of a new road and 15 dunums for the establishment of hiking areas, .


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