Negative Energy Affects Innocent Children

If I produce so much negative charge, then the most innocent within the home will become sick. The guides teach us that within the home, the more innocent, the more their positive charge. They are mazlum (innocent), they have done nothing wrong for them to have a negative charge. So means then the loved ones are in danger from our negative charge.

If we sit amongst ourselves and isolate ourselves and don’t have that connection, but a light was deposited within the heart. That we came and went, came and went, came and went from association, means the guides deposited a light. They said that if you sit within the association minimum five minutes, Grandshaykh Abdullah Daghestani, already deposited the light into your heart. If that light enters into the heart, then they begin to teach us: you are accountable. You can’t just take that light and run. That wherever you go, you are now going to be a beacon.

If you run out of charge, means all the negativity just overtakes you, you become sick. And if it’s overflowing with negativity, your families becomes sick. The children are most innocent because their energy is positive and mazlum, they have done nothing wrong. So they are constantly emitting a positive charge and all the negativity begins to flow to them and they become sick.

So in last days and days of difficulty you find so much sickness amongst families. Because they come to zikr, then they go; then they go thinking they got it. But then they are filled with all sorts of difficult energies, all sorts of negativities. The tariqa (spiritual path) is based on keeping the association. As soon as we come back into the associations and the association pulls the energy, pulls all the negative charge and deposits with it a positive charge.

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