Husband: Metaphorical Lord

It was mentioned in Part Two that the parents are the metaphorical Lords of the children. There is no exception to this rule, so far as boys are concerned. But as for girls, after marriage the parents’ Lordship comes to an end and they come under the domain of the husbands.

A woman once asked the Holy Prophet: “O’ Messenger of Allah, whose right is the greatest on man?” The Holy Prophet said: “His parents.” Then she asked: “And whose right is the greatest on woman?” He said: “Her husband.”

Once some people told the Holy Prophet “We saw some people bow down before some of their people.” The Holy Prophet said: “If I were to allow any person to bow down before anyone I would have ordered the woman to bow down before her husband.”

Al-Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) said:
Allah sent a message to the Holy Prophet, “Tell Fatimah (a.s.) not to disobey `Ali (a.s.) because if he was ever displeased (with her) I would be displeased because of his displeasure.”

It was because of this that the Holy Prophet said to Fatimah (a.s.):
O’ Fatimah, if a woman worshipped Allah seventy thousand years, but died disobeying her husband (and the husband was not pleased with her), she would be amongst the people of Hell.


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