Muhammad and Noah among the most popular baby names of 2018

Muhammad and Noah are among the most popular baby names of 2018, according to the list of 100 most popular names of the current year released by BabyCenter – a leading digital parenting resource and a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

Muhammad and Noah both are the names of Prophets (peace be upon them) and preferred by Muslims worldwide.

On the BabyCenter’s list of 100 most popular names of 2018, Noah is 3rd most popular names whereas Muhammad is 14th most popular boys’ names.

BabyCenter’s Top 100 Baby Names list is based on the names of hundreds of thousands of babies born in 2018 to parents registered on the BabyCenter website. The list combines names that sound the same but have different spellings, making it a true measure of baby name popularity.

As for the top rankers, Jackson leads the boys’ list for the sixth year in a row, and Sophia tops the girls’ list for the ninth year running, making it the decade-defining name for girls born in the 2010s.

“Sophia is the dominant girls’ name of the decade, with no signs of slowing down,” says Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience and Global Editor in Chief.

“It has worldwide appeal, it’s pronounceable in multiple languages, and it’s feminine and sophisticated all at once. As for Jackson, it’s a modern twist on the old classic Jack”, she says.

Baby names Muhammad and Noah were also among the most popular names in the 2017 listing. The name Muhammad and spelling variants of the name ranked as the 2nd most popular baby name in the United Kingdom, according to the 2016 listing of BabyCenter. Noah ranked 3rd most popular names in the same year.

According to the Israeli government statistical office report published in 2014, Mohammad is the most popular name in the Jewish state.


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