Wisdom of the Hijab

The wisdom that comes to us through the quran and sunnah should never be underestimated. Allah swt has blessed our nation with his direct word through the Quran, and guidance on conduct through the prophet Saw in the form of hadith.

The hijab has been described for both men and women. Whereas today the word has been related to be just the covering of the hair, it is important to disconnect ourself from this misunderstanding and learn what the true nature of hijab is, and through wisdom; understand why it is important to follow the concept of hijab and to avoid falling into the dangers of past nations.

Corruption does not happen overnight, it happens over many years, eventually disconnecting one generation from the next and following the message of the forefathers (our elders that have passed), like a game of chinese whispers, only worse. If a nations foundations are weak, it can ultimately lead to its demise and collapse as we have seen routinely through history. Morality is at the core of this, and where nations have turned immoral, over years, they have demised, and where they have transgressed and treated one another unjustly in extremely immoral ways, this has raised Allahs displeasure and lead to the punishment of past nations.

From this we must remember that the hijab is the strongest foundation for morality. The concept of hijab strenghtens the foundations of our being and as a social group. It prevents us from slipping into the habits of past nations, and perhaps future nations. The simple misguidance of removing a garment, can lead to a series of events over hundreds of years that may eventually lead to severe misguidance and corruption. This however does not mean that you do not take human nature into account, human nature is to beautify, to admire and aspire for beauty and greatness, therefore Allah has given us a means of moderation, the ability to do as humans do, but within rules, rules which help to keep us on a path worthy of an enlightened human, rather than a path of those nations destroyed before us. -hearthijab.com


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