Men’s Dress code

Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and protect their private parts (from sins). That is purer for them. And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.(Quran 24:30)

Although they are sometimes overlooked or not well understood there are conditions of dress code for men as well. Some of the conditions are the same as the conditions for woman but others relate particularly to men.

1. The part of the body from the naval to the knees should be covered.

2. It should not resemble the clothing that is specific to the non-Muslims. Western clothing that does not represent a certain group or sect is normally permitted.

3. It should not resemble the clothing worn by women.

4. It should not be tight or see-through.

5. A man is not permitted to wear garments made of silk, or jewellery made of gold.

6. Two types of adornment are forbidden to men but permitted for women. These are, gold and clothing made of pure silk.

The scholars of Islam overwhelmingly agree that for men everything between the navel and the knees (including the knees) must be covered in the presence of anybody. The only exception to this is a man in the presence of his wife.

Finally, it is recommended for men not to wear garments that fall below the ankles.

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